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No Feed Back Steering

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by resident53, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. I am tired of my boat making a sharp turn when I leave go of the wheel while trolling. My boat is fitted with the original single cable rotary helm. I was thinking of auto-pilot ( for about 5 minutes) until I priced it. A customer service rep from Sea Star Solutions suggested a No Feedback Steering helm kit to replace my original. Supposedly this new steering system keeps the wheel locked in to the position you left it. Anyone retrofit there old steering with the No Feed Back system? Thanks
  2. I drilled a small 1/4" hole in my column and tapped it. 5" piece of all thread with a knob. Barely screw it down to resistance and my wheel stays put and i can easily turn wheel when needed.

  3. Sounds like you need to adjust your trim tab to correct the steering torque. I'd try that prior to replacing the helm & cable. The NFB style is nice though....I installed the dual cable version on my older Alumacraft. Mike
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  4. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    The NFB system is inexpensive, durable, easy to install and very comfortable to use. Either rotary or rack style depending on how much room you have. Rotary was great for my SeaNymph with a 50hp. Also worked great on my current boat, a 19' with a 150. Try surplus for great prices and service.
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  5. I just re-read your original post & noted that you specified 'trolling'. Please disregard my comment regarding the trim tab adjustment. It has no effect at low speed. The NFB system should correct your problem. Mike
  6. I have a Grady White 208 that has a Teleflex No Feedback tilt helm that was factory installed. The boat is a 2002 model. I originally intended to convert to hydraulic steering, but I like the NFB. I never feel like I am fighting the rudder and can confirm it keeps the wheel where you left it. My boat will track straight enough for walleye trolling on open water without an autopilot provided we have the wind and waves to our back. That is the only direction it will do this. I'm still going to install an autopilot for the kicker because I want the flexibility to go any direction. If you have a lowrance HDS, they make a cable drive autopilot that is controlled by the sonar for $1300. It will not work for NFB steering though.
  7. Reread your post & saw that you stated you problem occurred while trolling. Please disregard my comment regarding trim tab adjustment. It will have no effect at idle speeds. The NFB system should alleviate the condition & work well for you. Mike
  8. I bought a nfb steering kit off ebay for my old tri hull boat and love it for trolling our local lake. it works great when trolling alone. its just a little stiffer than the old steering but makes up for that when turning loose of the wheel.
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    for a little more money why not just go with hydraulic steering? I installed it on my trophy and it was easy. my new boat has cable steering and I hate it, it will become hydraulic steering before springtime.
  10. UFM82

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    "A little more money"? $175 for an NFB system is a lot less than $575 for Baystar system and a whole lot less than $1,100 for a SeaStar system. I didn't see that the OP posted an engine system. Is this a small outboard, large outboard, I/O? That will make the difference.
  11. The steering is for a 4cyl GM with a Merc I/O. I am going with the NFB and will probably install it after the Holidays Thank's again