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No excuse

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by River Walker, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. fishintiger,Braylon Edwards was penalized 15 yards after catching a pass for nice yardage for taunting after the play.Not to be upstaged by Braylon,a short while later,Antonio Bryant also was given a 15 yard penalty after a nice gain,for flipping the ball in the face of the defender after the play was over.I'm just happy our new coach is such a strict disciplinarian-right! Yep,old TO,Randy Moss,Mr.cell phone Horn,Chad Johnson and all the other hip-hoppers have ruined the game for me.Wonder why you never saw Brady,Elway,Montana,Steve Young,Bradshaw or Marino do any of these immature things,guess they weren't cool-huh? But,as long as people keep showing up and loving it the way they do,all's cool.Watching grown men dressing up like dogs and carrying milk bones,or waving around stupid yellow towels makes me glad that if I can't be fishing on a Sunday,I'll be watching playoff baseball-go tribe!
  2. I could care less if I see those overpaid jerks.

  3. SD,back in the day,can you imagine what would happen to these punks that play the game today? Look at the big,sissy looking punk for the Steelers with all the hair sticking out his helmet.Remember Mike Curtis that played for the old Baltimore Colts? He would've wrapped that hair around that jackass' neck! Like I said before,I would've loved to see a receiver catch a TD pass back then,and start to do some jungle dance,next play would've been their last! Could you imagine a receiver catching a ball,then after the play flip the ball up into Dick Butkus' grill,or Alex Karras'-what carnage would ensue-lol! Look at all the asinine tatoo's,jewelry and dumb do-rags,what has the NFL sunk to? It's the same thing in the NBA,only worse.Say what you will about Bud Selig,at least he hasn't allowed the childish hip-hop crap in baseball-yet.
  4. I've got to agree with 95% of your last post. The "street thug" mentality has invaded pro sports big time. And the sad thing is that the college kids naturally are trying to immitate there older, richer "brothers". We had to watch that last year, at the college level with Cincy's Chris Henry at WVU. That kid would catch absolutely everything but the coach had no control of him what so ever. He liked to celebrate in the end zone by coming to a stop and crossing his arms. He got kicked out of his first game for that and the coach really got into his s&*t about it. That lasted one game. No respect for anything. Went out and did it again the next time he scored and got thrown out again. WVU was glad to get rid of him, dispite his talent. Modern day players just don't seem to have respect for the game. It's all just a big old carnival anymore. Cartoon characters, if you will.
    Even though Polamalu claims his long hair is a reflection of his culture, I too have a hard time handling it sometimes. But he's a Squeeler and I have to like him. lol
  5. Sorry RW I just saw this post. I agree with you. I could careless to see that stupid stuff happen. I would like to see it go back to the "old days". Where most of them played because they loved the game and not the pay check. I wouldn't mind seeing TO or Chad Johnson take a good hit on the next pass they caught after "dancing" or giving cpr. I think those antics have got to be embarrassing to the club. I find it humorus to see the diehards dressed as dogs chewing on Milkbones (I thought I was a diehard but you won't see me eating a milkbone). I would say give them fines but hell as much as they make anymore its just a drop in the bucket. It's to bad most of them aren't as good as they seem to thing they are.
  6. Wait ten years when these irresponsible, overpaid Buttheads start running for political office. I heard a guy bitching about the price of gas the other day and then bragging that he had season tickets to the Clowns games. Talk about misplaced priorities.
    The underpaid Buttheads that continue to pay the to see these characters perform will probably vote them in.
  7. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    To be honest, its still a job and I must admit, I only work for a paycheck. But when I do something good at work I don't start acting like I am humping my chair, acting like I am pulling off my pants, or do the chicken dance on my boss's desk or anything stupid like that.

    Yeah, Palamalou is Somoan by heritage but still looks like a damned idiot. And if I played against that little furball, you better believe I'd jerk a knot in that tail.