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No Crappie at ceasars creek!!!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BluCat, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. BluCat

    BluCat Fish Hard or Go Home!

    Water Temp still too cold...A few anxious anglers out this morning....1 or 2 small crappie caught near the beach. Nothing doin yet Guys!!!!
  2. blucat, i just spent 3 hours out at hueston woods. no crappie and only a couple of 3 inch bluegills. we are ready but the fish are not. they said by mid week temps chould be close to 70. hopefully that will raise the water temps. good luck

  3. Just one saugeye, and a couple of bluegill was all I caught today about noon.
    I was using a fish-n-spin. Water is way to cold as of the present.

  4. Snifer, were you able to back your boat in at hueston woods or did you fish from the bank?
  5. jason6644, i fished from the fishing pier. hoping to buy my first boat here real soon. tired of fishing from the bank. the right side of the peir was dry. i saw 4 boats out on the water but they were the small two man boats. the ramp looked good though.