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July 24th. I picked up my grandson at 09:45 go fishing. We stopped at our mom & pop bait store for some red worms. My grandson had his line in the water around 11:00. I was busy checking out the lake with my portable depth finder. I was surprised that it showed only 14 ft deep at the deepest spot.

There was a pleasant steady breeze that was nice, but made watching the bouncing bobber a problem. The water was very clear so I hoped for plenty of blue gill action. I cast my catfish rod out to the deepest spot, baited it with a dead creek chub. I then started fishing for the blue gills

No bites by 12:00 so I moved to another spot. This area the deepest area was only 8 ft deep. 12:15 I finally caught a bluegill, it was even a decent size. At 12:25 my grandson caught a nice l.m. bass on a live bluegill. The fish weighed 2.5 pounds and was 17.5 inches long. My grandson had checked out the smaller back lake earlier, he said he caught 24 small bluegills there. He informed me the weeds were really a problem to walk through

He moved around the big lake and we both caught some more bluegills. I did get a tap on my catfish rod that was baited with chicken liver, but that was it! It was starting to get hot so we packed it in around 14:20 and head to the car and home. My grandson got the honors again for the big fish and the most fish. I doubt if I will be going back there for I need to find a place that has catfish!
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