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August 26th. My grandson and I headed for the Cincinnati Public Landing ramp around 07:30. We stopped off to get gas for the boat motor, then to the ramp. I netted one small shad at the ramp so we did have one fresh bait fish. Our lines were in the river at 08:30 by the Ky. pier of the Central Bridge. The river was clear, water temp was 80 degrees. There was also an up river wind which held the heat down a little.

No bites there, so we headed up river to a deep hole on the Ohio side across from Dayton Ky. The wind was stronger there but the current keep the boat straight. Once again no bites so we headed back down river.

We anchored up at my favorite spot at 10:25. 10:35 I got a tap on strawberry seasoned chicken breast, not a bite. My grandson had 3 taps at that spot also on the seasoned chicken breast. No real bites we decided to try the Mill Creek spot.

After a long boat ride we did get our lines in the water at 12:00. The wind was really strong starting to form white caps. So my boat was bouncing a good amount plus the waves from the pleasure boat made it hard to even stand up in the boat.

The sun was really starting to bake us, so we called it a day. It took us some tome to get back, so another frustrating trip. It looks like we will try A.J. lake at least we can catch some bluegills there. Even my "here fishy fishy" tee shirt did not help.
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