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no arms

Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by harry1, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. a fellow with no arms decides it's time to go out and find a job

    he looks in the want adds and finds what he thinks is the perfect job. he heads to the church to apply as the bell ringer.

    when he arrives, the parson asks just how does he think he be able to ring the bell with no arms?

    he says "i'll show you." they head for the bell tower and once at the top the aplicant demonstrates just how he will do the job. he positions himself just below the bell and leaps, dolphin style, into the center, striking the bell with his skull. the bell responds with a beautiful gong.

    "ok" says the parson, "you have a job"

    it works out well, and for three months the bell is rung on time and sounds great. then one day the ringer is late for work. he rushes up the stairs in the tower and arrives just as the cue is given for the bell to ring. he leaps at the bell, but since he didn't have time to position himself, he misses and flies out the tower window.

    the fall kills him.

    two men see the falling man and rush to his side. one says, "do you recognize him?" the other says, "no, but his face rings a bell'
  2. I think I met that guy once. He was wading in Lake Erie. Pretty sure his name was Bob. :D