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July 13th. I picked up my grandson at 08:00 for a trip on the river in my boat. It was a bright sunny morning, with a upriver slight breeze. The river was clear but water was 82 degrees with a slow current. I tried to net some shad but had no luck so had to depend on some thawed out skip jack and my back up baits. 09:00 we finally got our lines in the water at a spot we marked fish. No bites so at 09:45 we moved upriver a mile. Nothing hit our baits there either, so we cut over to the Ohio side to the mouth of the Little Miami River. There we tried to locate the Shad once again, still none to be found.

11:05 we tried our third spot it was shallow water were we had some action in the past. This time not even a tap. It was getting hot so we pulled in to the marina and got some food and cooled off. When we got back into our boat we checked our 2 rods and found that something had been nibbling on our baits while we were eating.

1205 we were back fishing a little out from the river side of the marina; since something had bit our baits while we were eating! 12:25 I had a hard tap on my chilli seasoned chicken breast. My grandson and I both baited up with chicken breast and got had taps but whatever it was dropped the bait.

13:00 it was getting very hot and no fish in the boat we headed back to the ramp and home for the day. I just do not understand why no taps or bites on the skip jack at all. I wish I could have netted some fresh shad for bait it may have helped get some bites at least.
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