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Well it was a warm day so I finally went out to a local county lake to check it out. I got my first line in the water at 11:25. I then put my wireless depth finder on the light rod, found the area I was casting too was not as deep as I had expected. The area was only 9-10 feet deep so at least I knew how to set my bobber stop for the other rod.
The lake was muddy and a strong breeze was blowing across the water I used night crawlers and hot dogs for bait not even a tap. I packed it in at 13:15 and headed to another lake.

This was a city park lake, which was clear. There were already a good number of guys fishing there when I arrived. I met a guy I knew he advised me the cats were out in 25 ft of water. I then set my bobber to that depth; problem was I was not able to cast that far to where the water was that deep. I then got the line snagged up as I was trying to reset the bobber stop. I had to break the line and had to retie the sinker and hook. While I was fishing I was a guy to my left that had an open face spinning reel casting almost to the center of the lake. That was the 25 ft. deep water. He was catching channel cats about every cast. He was just catch and releasing the fish. I never even got a nibble, even used chicken breast. I left for the day around 14:45 and headed home. At least it was a good day to be outdoors.
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