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August 29th. My friend Joe invited me to go fishing at a pond he has access to. We got our lines in the water around 08:30, started for L.M. Bass. I got my catfish rod to start. At 08:55 Joe caught his first bass of the day; it was 12 inches 1 lb.2 oz. At 08:57 he hooked another bass about the same size. Then at 09:00 his catfish rod got hit, a3 lb 5oz. channel cat liked his hot spicy mett. At 09:05 I snagged a small snapping turtle on the front leg. It was tricky getting the hook out without get near its mouth.
09:10 Joe landed another channel cat this one was 2 lb. 5oz.and 21 inches long. His rod took off again at 09:18; this channel cat was 2 lb. 8 oz. and 21 inches. I keep asking him if he wanted a picture of the fish he kept on saying “no”. I got my 1st bluegill at 09:20 and decided to use it as fresh live bait. I cast it to a spot that I wanted it to be for the big catfish. It was bit by a turtle on its tail when I brought it in but no catfish hit it. 09:55 Joe caught another small L.M.Bass he threw it back before I could measure it. 10:05 Joe landed his biggest catfish of the day; it came in at 5 lb. and 23 inches.

At 10:35 I had a decent L.M. Bass on my bluegill rig when he threw the hook right at the bank. 10:45 I caught my only catfish, it was only 2 lb 2oz, 22 inches. It hit a small piece of chicken breast. 11:15 I saw a big swirl in the water by my bluegill line then wham, I pulled back and the line was broken, bobber was gone as well! I never saw what kind of fish it was. 11:35 my bluegill rig was hammered by a Striped Bass! That fish was 2 lb 2oz 17 inches, I was glad we had long dip net to get it out of the pond.

Then the rain hit at 12:00 so we packed up our gear and headed home. Joe had honors of the most fish and the biggest fish for the day. He had one other catfish that he also threw back while I was busy fishing a long distance from him. All of my fish were caught on my bluegill rig; I only had two bites on the catfish rig. I wound up with a total of 4 bluegills 1 striped, and 1 channel cat. All the fish were returned to the pond to grow bigger for our next visit.
It was a good day of catching for a change especially for me. I look forward to hitting that pond anytime Joe asks me: that is for sure!
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