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July 13th. I picked up my grandson at 6 p.m. to head to the lake. We got our lines in the water around 7 p.m. It was still near 90 degrees with NO breeze at all. I tried the Catawba Worms on both my catfish and bluegill rods to start the evening. I did not get any bluegill bites on anything I tried for most of the evening. I did get a tap on the Catawba worm for it was half gone when I reeled it in.

The next cast I baited up with a live creek chub. At 7:55 I hooked into a nice fish. It was a nice size l.m.bass; 18 inches long. My grandson’s scale read 4 pounds even. I was hoping the action would pick up so I used up some more chubs. I keep trying for the catfish but nothing happened no matter what bait I used.

About 8:40 I finally started to get some bluegill action. I was using small bits of the Catawba worms and they like them. I caught 2 nice size bluegills and missed a number of bites. I did learn that dead Catawba worm turn to mush when breaking them up for bait and get knocked off easier than I thought should happen.

My grandson in the mean time walked around the lake and did better than I did. He landed a 2 pound 6 oz. bass and 2 small bass plus 3 bluegills. So once again he got honors for most fish, I did get big fish on this trip. We called it a night around 9: 15 to head back to the car and home.

I am not sure there are many catfish in the lake, but I know there are plenty of l.m.bass that are in that body of water. Since I want catfish I will be checking out other spots I know have catfish in the future.
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