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  1. how many ppl go ice fishing at night.with work the way it is i cant get out till bout 5pm..whats some good tips for catching eyes..local resivoir has an average depth of 30 to 40ft with lot of 15-25ft ledges.. so what depth should i try and what baits/lures do the not having any good electronics..:B
  2. the fish will be moving shallow at night to feed so you need to find baitfish. hard to do without electronics. I would start on shallow flats near deeper water. Really the same areas that they go to feed at night during soft water.

    try a thumping spoon like a buckshot. dim glows are ok but for eyes stay away from a brightly glowing lure.

    I think alot of people catch eyes in deeper spots and they turn on toward evening but if the bite slows down with the last 30-45 minutes before dark its because the fish are moving shallower than people are fishing. If you can find where they go it can be good fishing.

    The easiest way to catch eyes through the ice after dark is when the ice has been on for a long time and the depletion of oxygen in the shallows makes the fish have to leave. then deep water near shallow flats fills up with fish that stay there day and night. this is when you can catch panfish, and eyes on top of eatchother day and night. This is more pronounced in certian lakes.
    Ive experienced this a couple of times and its always crazy good fishing. A tougher bite due to their stress but the fish are stacked.

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    Big Joshy and I have done the night fishing thing at Buckeye many times for saugeye.

    There is one very consistent pattern concerning times. The late evening right up till dark is normally very good as everyone knows, but the next hour after dark is almost always dead. The best for us has always been from 9-10PM - 1-2 AM.

    I have no clue as to why this plays out this way, but it does for us.