Nite Bite

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  1. I will be hitting the ponds here [Medina/Seville] area tomorrow night [Friday] if anyone wants to join me.......................Rich
  2. I would consider going if the wife didn't tell me I had to take a night off of ice fishing today.:(

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    If the wife wasn't workin' I'd be right down. I'll be out Sun or definately Mon. New London or Willard depending on conditions.
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    do you do well at night... we never do well at all at night.. the panfish bite shuts off at dark and the cat fish bite last about a half an hour after dark.. when we fish at night we get a tip up run every now and then but hardly at all... and nothing on our rods.. our lake has loads of nice crappie why cant we get them to bite at night on the ice or even at all on the ice??????
  5. This will be the first time I've nite fished here. I have done good at other ponds and lakes so we'll see how it goes....................Rich
  6. Its still in the full moon cycle guys.
    You probably do good tonight.
    I work with a few guys that fish misquito at night and do good.
    They are up there now setting up to fish.
  7. Well I fished from 8:30pm till midnite and caught 3 gills and 1 nice bass. ....Rich
  8. What would you guys reccomend using at night for bait? For walleye or panfish.
  9. Last nite I used a gold jig with waxies and at the end of the nite I added some Berkley Crappie Nibblets and seemed like got a few more bites. Going back out again this evening.....................Rich
  10. Well I fished from 6:30 till 8:30 and have 40 dinks off to the "Yote Pile". Heard them for the last two nights so I'll see what happens that way......Rich