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    is there a rule of thumb when to start shore fishing at nite for walleyes?
  2. they are around all year. i was catching them off 72nd after midnight, although not in great numbers. was reading a post by krustydawg(a dedicated pier rat) and he was saying that when the water temp gets below 60 that draws them in in larger numbers

  3. I cant wait. Am currently planning a trip the 19th. Hope they're biting by then. Last year my best nights were 11/10 & 11/11 Limit on 11/10 and 10#ers each nite. I'll post my results in a couple weeks. Wish I could go sooner.
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    If the temps drop, the 19th should be good. PM me before you go. I'll try to meet you up there.
  5. I live 5 minutes from edgewater can i get eyes from shore there at night ? what should i be throwing ?
  6. my best night last year was october 18th.hooked into three back to back to back, lost the first and the other two were 24inchers. i was using 2/5oz firetiger little cleo's. my work hours changed soon after, so i really didn't night fish much after that.
  7. We are going to start trying trolling next week will post results

    There's one!!!
  8. I might head up this year.

    Does anyone throw Husky Jerks or X-Raps?
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    husky jerks, Storm thundersticks, and Smithwick rattlin rouges are a good start
  10. I really like Clown, Tennessee Shad and Std Black/silver Husky Jerks. Number 14's. If you havent been before I'd suggest at least 14# test and a 6 1/2 ft med heavy bass rod.
  11. i really like the glass minnow and firetiger husky jerks and use 30 lb. test power pro
  12. ... or go with a longer rod and lighter line for longer casts. I use a 9' St. Croix steelhead rod (decent backbone, not noodle) and 6lb test mono. This combo can cast a large stickbait a long way. Breakoffs aren't much of a problem since the shoreline 'eyes don't fight that hard. This is a setup that can handle a 10lb+ steelhead, so a walleye of the same size is easy. Only issue with the light line is to check the knot often.
  13. Steel Cranium thanks for that recommendation. I was just wondering about using a longer rod. I personally use a 6 and a half foot rod with 6lb test with light drag. I have never broken off and I have caught some lunkers. The 6 lb test helps you to get it out much further. Now I am going to have to try my steelhead rod.
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    The best shore bait is the RIPSTICKS!!!! all around they will catch fish!!!! git r done! Yesterday we fished around catawaba over here in the WB there were 7 of us none got any... i think 2 weeks they'll strat good...
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    They catch them there at night but I prefer Lorain. I use a 6' 6" light action ugly stick with 6 lb and a light drag. Husky Jerks in a 12 or 14 in Clown, Chrome/blue with an orange belly, or perch patterns. Very slow, steady retrieve. (I mean reeaal slow). Get a headlamp if there is no light. Long stringer, long handled wide gap landing net, and a leathermans tool for getting those hooks out. Travel light as some of the spots can be a heck of a walk.
  16. Throw all of the baits mentioned above, and add rattle-traps when the stickbait bite isn't working. You should carry both suspending and flating stickbaits. The slow retrieve is often key, which is why I use suspending baits. Many hits will occur when the lure is motionless. I have seen instances where folks caught fish on a motionless lure when doing other things before the retrieve.

    The most popular spot at edgewater is to park in the main lot near the high (useless) pier. Walk to the sidewalk by the rocks and head east toward the end. The sidewalk ends about 1/2 way in, so bring good hiking shoes. The guys that get there the earliest will fish at the end, near the enterance to the harbor. Other spots in the park will hold fish, this is just the most popular spot.
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    I second that. A 9 or 10ft steelhead rod with 6# will fling a cast a mile.
  18. My top three baits and colors... last year @ least.....

    Hj 14 Sunfire, Blue and crome(classic)... and pink & white

    F-18- Clown, or classic black and gold

    X-rap.. hot steel

  19. Back when I started fishing the shoreline night bite seriously, I used a cabelas 12' euro match rod with a high capacity spinning reel and 6lb test. I could throw a rapala a mile and the long rod was great for getting a good hookset (just lift the rod when you feel resistance) and gave some insurance when the fish bit very close to the wall.

    The steelhead rods readily available now are much lighter in weight than the classic match rod, so it doesn't see too much time on the piers anymore. For those that want to try the steelie rod for 'eyes, make sure that it is one with a decent backbone and rather fast action. The noodle rod action (light/slow) doesn't work great with often long distance hooksets.
  20. Thanks for the tips guys. I hope to catch at least one pig