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  1. A buddy told me the saugeye are fierce eaters after the sun goes down. Can anyone help me out with the nite bite on Alum? Trolling? Casting? Baits? Are crawler harnesses good at nite? What techniques should I use? Should I focus on the south end (south of chesire bridge) or north of the bridge? Was going to give it a shot tonight and thought about casting crawler harnesses on the south side by the beach.

    Thanks for any advice.....

    (Rookie in training)
  2. Caught some decent saugeye last week after dark up on shallow flats. 4-7 ft of water. Caught most fish on jigs with tails tipped with leeches. But also a few on Rat-L traps. I know they will hit a vib-e or a casting harness also. I don't normally do to well out in front of the beach this time of year. But there is an area a few hundred yards north of the beach that can hold some fish. I may be out there tonight myself. I am in a red and gold ranger, yell at me if you see me!

  3. Thanks for the help. Will do. I think there will be three of us in a 20ft. "duck brown" lund alaskan. Will try to be on the water by 8:30-9:00 and will probably launch at south ramp on Africa road.
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    call an expert .....I am off to dinner w/wife.....need help tonight or is the boat full?


    the rev. "holy wader"
  5. CaptKC,
    How did you do? I am considering switching to nite fishing at Alum myself.
    My normal early morning trips are not producing like they usually do.
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    I was on the boat with KC. He landed a nice smallie and a cigar eye.
    Me....I had a nice boat ride.

    A real dip@#$% almost ran KC over trying to load his bass boat. He had a blond load his boat.....he was very careless on his trailer attempt. Watch out for the nitros
  7. My last 2 eye trips on Alum we caught all of our decent fish the last hour of daylight. Once darkness was complete the bite stopped. Has usually been that way for me in the summer over there. We drag Harnesses on bouncers off the points. All of the fish (8 between 15" and 19") came in 14 to 20 feet. My guess is the bite stops at dark because the fish move much shallower than we are fishing.
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    Last time i was at alum,My ff went nuts, i couldnt buy a fish. I am gonna give it another shot. But is it better at night or day?:confused:
    And do you do any thing different at night when trolling?
  9. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Got on the water about 9:15 on Friday night and fished the flat and points on the east and west side, south of the Chesire Bridge. Fished until about 12:30 and not much to show for it. Picked up a nice smallie on my fourth cast on a crawler harness using a mud leach, my guess about 2.5 lbs. Then about an hour and half later picked up a dink saugeye about 9 or 10 inches. Tried jigs, harnesses, husky jerks and rattle traps and couldn't get on the bite. Anywhere from 6-23 ft of water. We'll try it again soon.