Nip vs. Clarks Hill

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  1. Nip is in 19th place going into the cut day tomorrow at the Bassmaster Weekend Series Championship. The top 25 will make the cut. He said he had a rough day today but hopes to get 'em tomorrow. I would like to personally wish him luck and say that NE Ohio is rooting him on. Bring it home Rory!!

  2. GO RORY!!! Catch a bunch of HAWGS man!!!:B
  3. kenny tell him to remove the enemy and catch big basses!
  4. booyah

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    661 it man...keep the mojo and fish the moment...good luck from Troy and I!!!
    good luck and tight lines Bro :B
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    Looks like end result was 37th but still the highest finishing Ohioan. Big field on a strange lake - good showing Rory!
  6. Thanks for the positive vibes...I sincerely felt it around 1pm on day3!!!

    I was tickled pink for day2 with just 4lbs even though the drop, I was still in the top25 cut- it was a cold brutal southern day especially for the bite I got on- a big tube in skinny water waaaaaay back in a creek (go figure:D )

    Day3 I had three small dudes early and figured to fish the next 5 hours for just two fish... and I got 'em- a couple of proverbial BIG ones too. My heart sank on some "line malfunctions" but I lived to fish another day, just not for a $150k the very next day:D

    Lake was down 12ft and the creek I fished was loaded with stumps 1" above the waterline- yikes!

    I really wished a better showing for youns' rootn'- I deserved where I ended, it'll be some rough sleeping for me this winter;) then spring will come...!

    Thanks again-


    *a big thanks to Jonboy Jonela aka fishn4five (who won two co-angler events in the series this year) for a kickbass time all season, and not budging even with a stump under his rear at 60 mph!
  7. God, that's beautiful!!!

    Still proud of ya nipster!
  8. Thank you Rory- I had a blast! I got to fish with some good guys at the championship. Caught a few fish, lots of laughs, some great fried chicken, even a life lesson or two. However, my co-angler days are OVER. Stumps, BIG trees in 35 feet of water, rocks...I'm not so sure I'd take my boat on Clarks Hill even at full pool. Nip found 'em - congrats on the top 50 finish. Get some sleep and some new line before next April! ...28+ hours of driving, 6 days of fishing and we didn't have a single fist fight!