Nimisilla 8/17/07

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  1. Fished from 4:00pm 'till about 8:00pm. Couldn't stand the wind any longer! Had to find the coves just to sit still and of course the coves are all shallow. Only managed 1 LM that went close to 2 lbs. Not even a bite in my usual spots. Couldn't stay in the usual spots long enough to cast though. The one fish came on a finesse worm next to a lay down. Talked to a guy at the ramp who said he caught 11 LM's and one was close to 4 lbs. Guess he had more patience than me today in the hurricane!
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    Hey MPD, you and Chase should stop by Jacksons party after football practice. We'll have a bonfire and drink some adult beverages and tell fish stories.