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  1. Can you take a boat with a gas motor on Nimisila if the prop is out of the water or no gas engines on the lake at all? Thanks.
  2. Gas motors are allowed on the boat.

  3. dmills4124

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    I have heard that the only times you are allowed to run a gas engine on nimi is after you have placed your boat on the trailer and need to push it up into its final position on the bunks. I am guessing thats for those big heavy boats. The only other reason is if there is a life threatening emergency (ie) heart attack, stung by hundreds of killer bees..... or to outrun an alien UFO. LOL
    We have been on and off nimi many times with our bass boat and just left the gas motor trimmed up. No probs.
    good luck
    don m
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    You can have a gas motor, and leave it in the water. Just don't run it.