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    I am taking my grandpa out tomorrow, and I was thinking about Nimisila. Can I have my outboard (150hp) on the boat as long as I don't use it? I was planning on using the trolling motor only.
    Also, I am driving all the way from Columbus (he lives in Akron) so if anyone want to put me on some fish (bass), feel welcome :)
  2. You can put your boat in with the big motor, I can't tell you any good fish spots. I've only been there a couple times fishing.

  3. Check your PMs, and leave a few for me.
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    I would go to Portage Lakes. Nimi is impossible since the weeds were killed off.
  5. You hit the nail on the head! That place is awful right now.
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    fish are still there and not too had to catch
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    Had a pretty good afternoon out on Nimisila. We fished from 11am-3pm and were able to boat 5 fish.

    I would have considered the day a success as long as my grandpa caught something, but once again he caught the biggest fish! His was 17" and a solid 2.5lbs probably closer to 2.75lbs. The next biggest fish was 16" and around 2-2.25lbs. The rest were 13 & 14"ers. Not a bad time for fishing the lake for the first time, and in the afternoon. The weather was perfect though. I wish we had longer to fish...
    I have some pics I will post as soon as they are emailed to me.

    Thanks for the help!
  8. I've done very good at Nimi all year. I have been getting all mine on isolated weeds on deep structure. I am getting a few small fish on lipless cranks but all my good fish are on texas rigged senko style bait.
  9. I have marked alot of big fish on my deep spots but they have not been easy to get, I got alittle spoiled early in the year and only catching 4 to 5 average fish now is alittle dissapointing:( I thought it would be good all year, then they had to go and kill all the weeds and blew most of my most productive spots:mad:
  10. Nimi has been tougher than usual this year, but I think in the long run we'll be thankful they knocked the weeds back a bit. Next year, summer especially, should be nice out there. It may have been a little overkill this year, but I think the actions will make fishing better next year around spawning time. Don't forget, it's been a tougher summer than last because it took so long to get hot, and then once it did it stayed hot and DRY. I think the weather combined with the loss of cover is what hit Nimi....

    Just my opinion, so don't fillet me over my first post.
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    Welcome to the site jcustunner24...

    You've got some good insite there. I for one certainly hope that you are proven correct. The next couple of years as Nimi builds back up we will all be thankful for this year.
  12. Thanks for the welcome message.. I've been lurking for months, but finally used my work email to sign up rather than the old yahoo email, i.e. - the ability to post.

    It just makes good sense. Quite frankly, fishing has been down a little this year all over Ohio because of the completely inconsistent weather. It was phenomenal in early spring, but soon thereafter it declined. While this site has its fair share of guys touting great bags every outing (which I don't doubt) fishing, as a whole, has dipped this year.

    I know there are Mogadore loyalists out there (I used to be one), who say bring on the weeds. Until this year and late last summer, I was that guy. Bring me more weeds, and you give me spots to wrangle some healthy eating bass. That's all fine and good until a lake like Mogadore gets choked to the point that the guys finding bass are the only guys finding fish. The bait fish like bluegills get choked to the brink and you're left with big "old" bass, and stunted growth fish.

    Face it, the undergrowth in a lake is fighting for the same oxygen the fish are.

    While a healthy weedbed is nice, and sometimes favorable, a bevy of environments is what one needs to bass fish to his (or her) fullest extent.

    As much as I love flipping across the weeds, if that is your only option you're basically eliminating the environment element and saying... "we've got once choice, we'll stick with it and eventually find a fish." I'm not in favor of that.

    I personally think choking the weeds one summer will result in them coming back where they should be and being sparse where they should be.