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Nimisila this morning

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Lewis, May 21, 2004.

  1. Lewis


    I hit Nimisila for a few hours this morning for a little Bassin.
    I missed prime time by quite a bit.I didnt get on the water till 8:30.
    The first couple hours were a little slow.I picked up 2 Bass.
    One 15" on a Pop-R and another 3lber on a grape shad worm.
    I moved to a different area of the lake,and spotted some surface commotion in 2 ft of water,with about one foot of weed growth.
    I saw Shad flipping around,and after looking closer I could actually see the backs of a hungry wolf pack of Bass breaking the surface.
    I eased in close enough with the electric,and took 6 decent fish on 6 straight casts!
    It was as close as you could get to sightfishing for Bonefish.
    It died as quick as it started,but man was it fun!
    It felt good to get out and chase some Largemouth again.
  2. Way to go. That would definately be a cool fishing experience. Sounds like you ended up with a good day despite missing the "prime time."