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Nimisila Sunday

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Well, spent a nice, relaxing day at Nimisila. Yesterday, I replaced the winch on my trailer, hit Gander Mtn, and got that carp. Today was to decompress. Hit my usual spots with the ol' Texas rigged red shad worm. Caught three off the bat on the deeper weed edges. Then they quit biting. Went to my topwater cove and fished the slop with my ZOOM Super Fluke. It was AWESOME! Nothing like that topwater bite to make it exciting. Twitch, twitch, pause.....WHAM!!!! The bass in the cover weren't giants, but they sure were fun to catch. Picked up another 6 there. Then, it was back to my first spot where I started. I always catch fish there, and the second pass was no exception. A chunky 3 1/2 pounder fell prey to the worm rig again. But, the best was yet to come. While heading to my final spot, around one of the small islands in the South end, I noticed schools of bass knocking the snot out of shad. I would quietly inch up, make a long cast, and twitch the ZOOM fluke across the top. I picked up 3 more, including a real nice 4 pounder. All in all, a good, solid trip.

    Oh yeah, I have pix and will post them shortly.
  2. I wish I could relax like that!!!! :rolleyes: shad worm...deeper edges. topwater cove......slop......ZOOM .....4 pounder....WHAM!!!! ...AWESOME!
    Nice going Carl,, :) Stan

  3. See how relaxing???


    From two weeks ago.
  4. Some nice yawners (lg mouth, not implying that your fish are boring!) there Big Daddy. I love to fish Nimi for bass, many different scenarios there. We tie into some off the gas well points out in the middle under the wire. There is a hump covered in weeds where we catch em pretty good through the summer.
  5. Hey Carl,
    Those are some Great Pics!!!!!, Healthy looking Bass Too!!.
    Nice Job!!!!!!!!!! ;) :D Stan
  6. Thanks Stan and Huntinbull.

    I know the spot by the well, saw a few guys crappie fishing off it. Were catching little ones, though.
  7. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    good lookin largemouths carl!
  8. how do you get there from youngstown?
  9. From Y-town...76 West to 77 South. Get off at Arlington. Turn RIGHT. You are now heading south. Go to Caston Rd. Turn RIGHT. Head down Caston to Christman Rd. Turn LEFT. There is a boat ramp at the first lot, just follow the road back. Also, further down, past the state park sign and entrance, at teh C-6 lot, there's a ramp as well. It's electric only, but all you have to do is trim up your gas motor.