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Nimisila Sunday

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, May 16, 2004.

  1. Well, decided to take a nice, relaxing trip to Nimisila for my first bass excursion of the year. She didn't disappoint. ;)

    Took my buddy Chris from the SSA. He had never fished it before. On his 3rd cast, he had a bass. Nice chunky 2 pounder. We ended up with 11 caught and released, with, I'd say, a half dozen misses. I had one break me off too. Biggest fish was 3 1/2lb.

    I was fishing a Texas-rigged Zoom worm(red shad). Chris was using a Tequila Sunrise PowerBait worm, Texas-rigged.

    The gills are hitting too and bedding up.

  2. fished nimi also on sunday awesome day again many fish i caught at least 15 fish, my son another ten or so all released .some over17'' most at least 15''what a great lake they have been on all week cant wait to get out again!

  3. leaky tiki

    leaky tiki Fruitcake

    any news on walleye at nimi??
  4. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Went out Monday trolling for walleye's. I got on the lake and found out my bow battery that I charged on Saturday was almost dead. Had enough juice to troll a few passes and caught two bass.

    The hard southeast wind was blowing and on Nimi that means head over to the east shoreline along the campground in the weeds. Caught 11 more bass in 2-3' on 4" texas rigged lizard. The sky was getting black so I slowly crawled back to the north ramp. As I was leaving the sky opened up. Pulled the boat into the garage and the hail started and the tornado siren in Norton went off.
    To answer your question, no wally's but the bass action is excellent.
    3 hours, 13 bass, not bad.
    The bluegills are hitting pretty good along the south shore by the houses near Eddy's.
    The bass action has been good at the spillway at dusk.
    The water temp. is excellent for swimming. The clarity is at least 4'.