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Nimisila Saturday

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Hit it in the wacky weather pattern. Bass were OK, not great. We caught 18 or 19, but they were smallish. Nothing over 3 lb.

    Did find some VERY hungry and agressive bull gills. Real good size, 8+ inchers. They were in 10-13 ft of water, but hitting pinmin/maggot suspended 3 ft deep.

    Caught crappie and perch as well, no size though.

    I took a couple pix, will post tomorrow..YAWN......

  2. I was out last night from 6:30-9:00. Got 2 walleye 15,17 inches and about 12 bass about 5 which were 14.5inches the rest all small. Lot of bass just under 15 this year.

  3. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    wadeing 46 readears all good fish the big one was 9.5in

    steelhead 1 went sat and sun 21 sat and 51 sun

    ............jim :D
  4. We saw a couple guys wading for them. The majority of our gills came in 14 ft of water. They were suspended 2 ft deep over the deeper weeds.

    This week's hotter weather should get the bass more active. I sure hope so.

  5. Fished tonight got 8 bass and a 21 inch walleye in less than two hours.
  6. The pictures of the bass from nimisila sure look healthy. Where can i park to wade at nimi that isn't full of weeds. I had been parking on South Main St. earlier in the year and doing O.K. on the bluegills but tried last week and the bays were full of weeds.
  7. steelhead1

    steelhead1 Pikie Bay

    That fish Carl is holding is really about three pounds. He just has really big hands :D :p

    I hit some gills sat after da ful called me. Sunday was much better for me with 51 kept. Mixed bag of redears and true blues. A few redears over 10".
  8. Out again today from 2-5, really hot out. Two walleye, 19.5 and 17.5. Lost one at the side of the boat 23-24 inches. I horsed him and did a horrible job of fighting him. Got him to the side 3 times and he stripped about 20 feet of line each time before I would horse him back again. Got a little over excited.
  9. Actually, Mark, you're pretty close. The fish was a two pounder, and yes, I do have freakishly large hands.

    Hey Butchie, what you getting the eyes on out there? I'd like to get my son into one. He thinks he's conquered bass fishing and wants to try walleye. LOL

    Kids... :rolleyes:

  10. Perch colored shadraps. Find a offshore weed bed(hump) where it comes up shallow then I just circle it and cast out to the deeper water 8-11 feet. The weeds are still scattered in those depths. Pick up a lot of post spawn bass also to keep things interesting. The eyes just started hitting the last two weeks. Been using this pattern for a few years now. Weeds aren't as bad this year compared to last year. In 10 foot they come up about 2-3 feet from the bottom depending on the area. A Shad rap just ticks the tops.
  11. Cool. Thanks for the walleye tip. I noticed the weeds not being as bad as they were at this time last year as well.

    I'll test it out next week some morning and let you know how I did.

    Thanks again.

  12. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Big Daddy,
    Is that your green Dodge Ram 1500 I saw parked next to me with the OGF stickers on it? I was the red Chevy parked next to you. I walked back to the ramp asking people whose truck that was but nobody knew.