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    My two friends were on Nimi this morning and they saw a big green boat with a 4 stroke going up and down and up and down and up and down the lake.
    Those guys with the 4 strokes on Nimi are usually DOW or fish survey guys. My question is are "they" (state??) still spraying the weeds on Nimi? Walt said the water was pretty dirty. Nimi is rarely dirty or turbid.
    Do you think the weedkill is now allowing the waves to stir up the lake and increasing the turbidity of this normally crystal clear lake?
    He said the water level is up and they saw little weeds.
    They caught a few nice bass too for 2 hours on the lake.
  2. Lew-I had the same question earlier this year. I have heard about the state doing thier surveys but that was in the spring. I don't know how many times the y need to survey the same water or for what for. Watercraft was there yesterday checking for P.F.D.'s, but I am wondering if it's being sprayed or not and by who? Some guy said he called P.L. state park and one officer told him that the state didn't have weed killing in thier budget until 2009, if you can believe it. Another fellow who has fished Nimi for 25 years said it's in a cycle and that this is an off year for the weeds. Caught ab't 20 yesterday but couldn't find any weed growth anywhere. Fish caught on buzzer (am) & worms (pm).

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    I was there on Saturday and the water is definitely NOT crystal clear. I would call it "stained" with about 2 to 3 feet of visibility. It looks more like Mogadore clarity-wise.

    I got there early on Saturday (5:30) so there wasn't any wind yet that would have made it get dingy but by Noon the wind was howling out of the southwest and created a few little 'rollers' with whitecaps. The windsurfing guys were having a ball...:D I'm sure the wind mixed the water quite a bit.

    I agree with Jeff-Bob below that there isn't much in the way of weed growth that I could find other than what is growing deeper on the humps and sunken islands. The water was definitely up this week compared to a week ago when I was there. Surprised me given the lack of rain this summer; if anything I thought it would have dropped.

    I did catch some nice bass on in the deeper areas near sharp drops (the average bass for that lake are NICE!) so the water conditions don't seem to be hampering the fishing - at least for bass.

    Curious to find out what others think...