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Nimisila question

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by goodday, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Does anybody fish the gas well points? If so is there any particular one that is better than the other?
  2. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    On the west side of the lake. The well between Center and Caston roads is shallow and weedy on both sides. Never fished there in winter but springtime is good for cats before the weeds choke the area and bass used to be good before the messed that shoreline up redoing the dam.

    East side. The south well that is past the parking lot that is past the campground entrance. Shallow on the north side tip. You might get some gills there. Around the tip is deep and rocky. A decent place there in summer and winter. Picked up a few walleye there this summer. Caught a northern and a few assorted other fish there in past winters(perch, gills).

    East side. The north well by the parking lot near Falcon Lounge. Fish a line between that tip and the tip of the other well on the west side. Walleye city in the summertime. There's a shallow underwater island almost halfway across <1' deep. Find that island and fish the edges in the deeper water.
    Near the north well I have never done very good. Go straight south from that and fish the deep water and look for the humps.

    Good luck. You'll have those places to yourself. Everyone and their brother congregate in Haynes Bay(dink city). There were about 6 people on the north side off the point this past weekend. Don't know what they were going for there.
    I like off the Main street parking lot in the river channel (walleye)and the bay south of the Main street parking lot(crappie). Also there is a hump off the Main street parking lot in the middle of the lake where you should be able to find a weedbed (easier said than done). Good bass area there.

    Man I'm getting homesick:(

  3. Wow thanks Lewzer. The reason I asked is because i've heard talk of excellent perch/waaleye off "The gas well points" through the ice but have yet to see anyone fishing there.
  4. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    You're quite welcome. Just don't tell anyone it has become a hell of a walleye lake.:D Used to fish for bass and now I mostly try for walleye there. You just don't fish in the same places for the most part.
    I also do alot of late night catfishing there.
    The channels are long but REAL skinny. They do taste good out of that lake. If you do any late night fishing there in the summer watch out for the "too friendly fellas". Just take a camera with you. They don't like their picture taken and given to the Summit County Sheriff!

    Stopped by there last night on the way home from Kames. Again everyone and their brothers were in Haynes Bay. Nobody anywhere else on the lake as far as I could see.
    The north Christman parking lot still has a fallen tree across the road from the ice.
    The sunken island on the north side I mention has a duckblind stuck on it.
    I like to avoid them boys for obvious reasons. I don't think anyone duck hunts when there is no open water, never done it before. But at least you can get a location on it.
  5. i had a runin with one of those "too friendly fellas" in the parking lot by the camp ground. tought me a lesson to not go out at night by your self.

  6. who are the friendly fellas.
  7. To funny!
    Your not from around here are you.
    Lets just say they may want to hold... your hand and take a walk in the woods.
    Couple of years ago things had gotten out of hand(men wanting to date other men) Sheriff and Park officials put on a sting and arrested quite a few.
  8. is haynes bay the same area across from the c5 paring lot?
  9. Im from this area i was just making sure this was what you were talking about. i will be sure to not go alone. lol
  10. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Haynes Bay is the same as the C-5 parking lot.

    The friendly boys are generally harmless. They do get your blood boiling though. They need to keep that crap out of the state parks.
    Like I said the camera keeps them away and the Summit County sheriff is more than happy to take license plate numbers if you get any.
    They had three stings there the past two summers. Their activity has died way down thank goodness.