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Nimisila Mixed Bag!!!!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. What a great day to be out. North wind sort of sucked, but it was darned comfortable. I'm only now starting to feel the big-time sunburn on my legs and face. LOL.

    Hit Nimisila with cfish102, going for whatever was biting. We started for bass, no hits, except for some hard hitting bluegill. Switched from Red Shad worms to slip bobbers, pinmins, waxworms and were getting some real nice fish. A lot were in the 8 inch range. After a while, we started catching crappie. So, of course, we were darn glad we picked up 4 or so dozen minnows too! ;)

    Need less to say, we really got into the fish, most gills were 6-8 inchers, the crappie were in the 7-9 inch range. We caught a load of perch too, all small and VERY skinny. Dubbed them "string bean" perch. Chris even got a nice channel cat, about 17 inches or so.

    After the minnows were gone, we went back to bassin. I got 3 bass, biggest was close to 3 pounds, all head, pretty skinny, but not like the Portage Lakes bass, just looked thin. The topwater bite was OFF. I managed one dink bass in the slop, and Chris missed a few that got off in the lily pads and weeds.

    Saw new member timthebuilder out in his home-made boat again with his daughter. Hope you guys did as well on the panfish as we did.

    It was great to find a school of hungry crappie. They weren't big, but could have made one heck of a meal along with the gills. Maybe next time. ;)
  2. Sounds like a great day Carl.................... Rich

  3. Hey Carl!
    Glad you guys had a great day, It is always good to read a good mixed bag fishing report. I have been helping my Sister and Brother-in-Law get there house started. We are going to finish digging the footers this afternoon! I will be able to take a break and get some fishing in after we get the basement walls poured. :) Hopefully, Soon. :rolleyes:
    Thanks, Stan ;)
  4. Thanks Stan. Hey, next weekend, me and cfish102 may head down your way to Seneca. How's the 'eyes biting???

    Here's that bass I caught. Photographic proof that wearing OGF merchandise can really improve your fishing!!!! ;)

  5. Hey Carl,
    I talked with a friend of mine a couple of days ago, He said the bite was pretty slow. He was there last week and had only 2 keepers. I hope to make it to Seneca sometime this week, I will post my trip ASAP....
    Stan ;)