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  1. Ice ranges from 3 to 8 inches or more lakewide.Fishing has been terrible the last few days. Nothing more than a slow bite from finger sized yellow perch. The night bite for crappie was hot last week until angling pressure got a little out of control near the campgrounds. I have been the first on and last off nearly every day since the ice has been good. Bad barometric pressure is the only thing i can think of that would kill the fishing this bad? I have fished everything from four foot deep to twenty foot deep using every ice presentation i know to try and catch perch crappie and walleye with no success in the last few days. maybe today will be the day. Good fishing awaits :confused:
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  4. Welcome aboard and thanks for the great report. :D
  5. I was out today for a few hrs and the ice was a good 6inches. We only found a few small perch.
  6. I was out last night (1-29) and tonight (1-30). Fished form 5-7 on Saturday and 3-7 Sunday. Both days were a total bust. Saturday we got skunked and today we caught two gills (4 inches) and one real small perch. What's going on with these fish? Both nights we had fish all over the screen from a half-hour before dark to a half-hour after dark. Used all kinds of baits/jigs with no luck. It was probably the most fish I've ever marked at Nimisila but still no luck. :confused: :confused:
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    Get out of Haynes Bay and head over to the Main Street side. Hit the big bay south of the boat launch.
    Or I would fish out from the campground boat launch and hit the underground springs that are between the island and boat launch. They're in about 14' of water.
  9. we had to go through a TON of dink perch, but got a nice one every once in a while. Bite was good too. 12' of water and only 20'-30' from shore.