Nimisila 4/7

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  1. First time fishing in this corner of the state. Planned on going out to the Portage Lakes and fishing below the ODNR's District Three Headquarters. Stopped in there to get my license. Nice Place. When I stopped to park, I talked to a couple of guys that were heading out. They said they didn't catch anything and were there for a couple of hours. Didn't look like anyone else was catching anything either. He suggested trying Nimisila and gave me some directions. The first spot I tried was the first park on Christman Rd south of E Caston. There was a large tree just off the road that I tried but had no luck.

    The second spot I tried was at C-4 (Does anyone know why this park is named this?). I walked back the road about 75 yards and was able to find a path that led back to the first little "penninsula" on the north side. No luck there either. However, someone left three green plastic chairs there for my fishing comfort. They are still there if anyone would like to share the luxury.

    At both places I had a bobber floating a minnow for a while and then changed to a wax worm. On my casting pole, I was using a 1/16 oz. chartruce jig head tipped with a minnow.

    It sure was a nice day to be out, reguardless of getting :S !
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    Nimisilla is a very nice lake.Very clean, courtesy of electric motors only, I assume...... An excellent place to take children also. It has quality lg mouth bass, lots of bluegill, a decent amount of crappie, and as a bonus, walleye!! It'll take a little fishing to get to know the lake, and a small boat would be a plus. I have been visiting Nimisilla for more than 30 yrs, long before I started fishing and I honestly cannot tell you why many of the parking lots have a "C" before them....:confused:
    Oh yeah, catfish too!

  3. I don't know but I would guess "C" for Christman Rd. This goes out the window if the Main St. ramp and Dam lots have a "C".

    Tried the large bay on the Main St. side of the lake today between the ramp and the dam. Only got one 8" crappie on a minnow. Looked like they were spawning. Could see school flashing just outside weed patch near the boat. Placed a minnow in the middle of the school and nothing.

    Anybody else do anything?
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    Ended a 7 hour day with 7 bass, all very nice. 16-18 1/2'', 3 came on a jig
    and the others on a jerkbait. Got my 1st catfish of the year on the jerk too.
    Found water temps from 47-52 degrees all over the lake. I for one will be glad to see a nice cool weekend, I hate to see water warm this fast.
  5. Waded the campgrounds and got 3. One on a castmaster and then 2 back to back on a roadrunner.

    All were dinks though. Biggest went like maybe 10".