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Nimisila 4/22

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Carpman_1977, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Carpman_1977

    Carpman_1977 Big Softy the Fish Finder

    Fished the North end of Nimisila Thursday night after work with Luvthemhawgs. Mainly fished North of the first launch on the east side back in some of the bays. Rain made it wet enough just to be obnoxious, but we caught something at least. Caught 4 bass in total, 3 smaller ones myself with Luvthemhawg's fish being the winner (16.5 inches). And naturally, being that my new boat has not even seen a fish yet, she catches the first one in it! :confused: The first one I boated in the new boat was a 6 inch bass. Wonderful- this boat is jinxed!

    All of my fish were caught on a pumpkinseed grub casting toward shore in about 5-7 feet of water. Had a fair amount of hits, but I think the front made most of them tight lipped. She caught her fish on a darker Rocket shad casting towards a flat on the North end.

    Might head out there again early Saturday morning (before the draft). Anyone else having luck out there? Patterns / locations would help! Thanks!
  2. I'm going to give you the secret bait for this time of year at Nimi for bass. ZOOM 4" Dead Ringer worms, June Bug in color, fished on a 1/16oz Slider Jighead, hook the worm weedless. Use 8lb test, fish the weed edges and wood slooooowwww. You'll soon be leaving luvthemhawgs in your wake. LOL.

    As the water warms, the 7" ZOOM U-Tail Worms in June Bug, Red Shad, or Tequila Sunrise will get you more bass than you can shake a stick at.


  3. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    believe it or not i have done good out their this time of year casting the flats and points with 1/4oz crome and blue rat-l-traps fishing them fast with a few jerks ever once in a while............geting reaction bites..............jim
  4. Sammonator

    Sammonator Fish when I can...

    Went to Nimi yesterday...was looking for some crappie toward the north end, but not much luck. I did see a fella' yank about a 2-3 lb. bass out of some wood along the north end as we left the area to troll. Ended up catching 4 bass working some of the points, but the largest one (maybe) went 1 1/2 lb.
    Oh well. there's always next time.