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Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by TheWinterSoldier, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. First time on ice in many years. Clear 8-10in ice.Fished at about 20ft.Fairly slow in the morning. Picked up around 10am with a few perch, no keepers. The surprise came at around noon right before we were going to leave. My brother hooked a nice 16in walleye. That's right I did say WALLEYE. We couldn't believe it. Great day overall.Good to be back on ice.
  2. Awesome! I will be hitting it tomorrow. Where did you find the 8-10in ice? I will be going out of c6

  3. Which end is c-6 on
  4. C-6 is the southern most launch ramp on the east side.
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  5. vib-E


    Good job on the nimi eye.get a pic of it?
  6. Planning on getting out to nimi this afternoon . anyone else going to be out
  7. You weren't with a guy named Brad were you. He sent me a pic of one of his buddy with an eye that woulda went 15 or 16"
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  8. Im going out this afternoon to nimi, probably get there around 5. Where you fishing ltroyer
  9. Haven't left yet .but was thinking c6 not sure yet
  10. Ill be out behind the island at the north launch on christman about 5 530
  11. Ok I may come join u
  12. Tried c6 2nite couldn't 16 fow was marking fish but no takers
  13. I hit Nimi this morning. Went out of the north east by the power lines. Caught some perch. Kept getting marks but wouldn't take. Dropped the camera down and thousands of shad everywhere. Every hole I drilled on the lake had schools of shad under it. Did see some crappie and perch tucked in the weeds.
  14. I was out yesterday with my confirmed schools of shad swimming through the area between the schools of gills. Caught a lot of dink gills, but managed to get some big enough to clean up for a meal, along with 2 perch.
  15. That was it
  16. On Saturday morning, I was fishing just southwest of the C-1 parking lot. Caught a few nice perch, but the big surprise was a 20 inch walleye. First one I ever caught at Nimi. IMG_2218.JPG
  17. nice, need more eyes in there to clean up some shad eh a few years back I got a 4 lbr out of there between the wells on the east side 20+ fow