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  1. anyone fishing nimi on monday? i'd like to tag along. i have my own gear. except auger.
  2. May go out this afternoon, Monday 01/12.

    It depend on whether I get the chores done, weather, and other obligations. I'll post if I'm headed out.

  3. mrphish42

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    PHATE..........Think you will find some OGF guys there as the day goes on...Don't know just how many or who as of yet.....But plans are in the works....Maybe will run into you this afternoon...........Jon Sr.
  4. I'll be out there about 12:30... meeting Mrphish42 and a few other OGFers.

    Mrhish42 (Jon Sr) will be bringing his 2 man Trap. Blue Ice Clam Guide.
  5. wife just killed my plans:mad: . hope you guys do well. wish i was there. phate
  6. Hey fellow icers, just wanting to know the ice situation at nimi today. I drove but this morning and it looks solid. I was thinking after all that snow it would be snow covered a few inches. Let me know where the ice is safe. I will probably go to nimi in the am.
  7. Crusty on top w/ 1 1/2" Slush underneath, but 4" of good ice.
  8. mrphish42

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    PHATE.....Sorry you got "KIBASHEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"........ IBJOHN and I saved room for you...We really had a great add insult to injury.....Next time you get the itch...try to hook up with one or the other of us....or both of us....Better luck on getting away next time.....jON sR....