Nimi walleye?

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  1. was out saterday afternoon doing some bass fishin. caught a few floating along the dam on a 5in senko. also caught a 22 in walleye with the senko and was just wondering if anyone else as been catching any out there or if this was a fluke thing. this was the first time out there with the boat and was wondering if i should start trying to target walleye. never fished for them there and dont know how the population is. anyone else fish for them there? would be a lot shorter drive than than my usual trips to berlin.
  2. smallieguy

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    I have caught a few in the past but I do know a guy that targets walleye
    hard at Nimi and in his best year he got 51 all year long.
    They are in there but a few at best.

  3. thats kinda what i figured...thanks
  4. Dmuntean

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    Caught one on a shad rap in two years of fishing there??????