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  1. Ok fellow icers I have been fishing nimi since the ice has been on and still no good days for anything that swims although if you count minnows i have used 25 dozen with no luck on anything worth keeping. Would like to meet some of the guys or women from OGF. Any info on a general area on a lake to catch a bucketfull of anything would be great. GOOD LUCK out there in your ice adventures.
  2. portage is close to nimi and thats where i have caught all my fish. i fished nimi 1 time this year with no success. i cant give you any advice for nimi but can some what help with portage. this is my first year ice fishing so I'm no expert but I can help you with what i know. just send me a pm if there is anything I can help you with.

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    I live right next to nimi and I haven't figured out a thing through the ice except how to catch mid size gills. I get them in about 2' of water over weeds. Other than that and the cats I posted about, I am seriously lost out there in the winter.