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    My son right now 4:45 is fishing the hole below Nimi spillway trying to catch walleye or sauger and missed 2 so far. Kids! You can lead them to water but you can't land them for them. There have been a few caught and hardly anyone knows until I posted this! I'm heading there now and will let you know how I do.

    (BulletBobbers AWAY!)
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    I said I would report back and the result was 2 walleye 1 at 21" and 1 at 23" and a bigger one got away. We also had about 4 bass in the 1 to 3 lb range.

    I gotta go clean them Eyes and get them ready for dinner tomorrow!
    Grahm cracker crumbs and egg dip - yum yum!

  3. Hopefully you don't fish there much. Posting about a spot with limited access (unless you care to take a long walk or park illegally) in a public forum like this with many more lurkers than contributors is a great way to fish it out, which happens rather quickly after each big rain event. I might stop by over the weekend to see if a crowd shows up. Not what I consider a "secret hot spot", but "was" a nice alternative to get away from the crowds on a windy day.
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    I share what I know and wish everyone would because that is what it is suposed to be about! This is a forum for sharing reports and making friends.
    If I showed up and you were or anyone was there I would not be singing the blues. I might even hang around for a while and see how you do.
    My son said the same thing you siad and I explained my feelings to him and he had no problem with the thinking. Made me proud!
  5. was out crappie fishing,went by the spilway,there was 4 cars jammed into that spot. figured that somebody let the cat or fish out of the bag. just chuckled to my self.
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    Riverman I used to feel the same way you do until I seen what could happen especailly to a small lake or spot. Don't get me wrong it is your right to post whatever details you want, Just a warning that some things you should keep to yourself. I don't fish where you are posting about so it dosen't effect me so don't think I am attacking you cause I am not. Just be careful thats all. Good fishing!;)
  7. Little out of the ways spots like this one should be handled with care when posting in a public forum. Like some other spillways around the area, it is a very timed event whether you get fish or not. Bigger spillways (mosquito, berlin, etc.) get more consistent flow so they hold more fish, and receive more postings. They also accomodate more people, both fishing and parking. The smaller ones like this don't have much room for either, especially when the water is lower (the norm). Drawing attention to them just adds more folks to an already tight area. Unfortuately, a mention here is much more than a discussion at work, a bait shop, or lakeside - many read the messages - most are not contibutors to the board.

    Posting success without explicit facts would have worked out just as well (area spillway, dam area of Nimmi, etc.). Those with interest could have been handled thru PM, at your discretion.

    This isn't my "secret honey hole", so I have nothing to hide. I know about the area and the parking access/size, having fished there a few times over the years. I'm not against sharing info - look at my post on the private Aurora lake. Enough info without giving away specific spots. If someone wanted to know more, I could do so via PM.

    But what if you show up and many folks are (were) there, along with torn up roadside access, folks parking in others yards, and much more litter than usual? Unfornately, not all pick up after themselves - especially those after an easy catch. I took the mutt for a walk around a local lake on Sunday (Coe), filling two decent sized garbage bags without circling the whole lake. Judging on the crappie heads thrown in the bushes in a few places (along with beer bottles and bait containers), they must have been biting well lately.

    On another topic -- I was wondering where all of those walleye stocked in Nimisila were going....;)
  8. Thanks for the report Riverman. I fish Nimi 3 to 4 days a week. I dont fish the spillway. Im always in the bays on the southwest side of the lake. If you see my black Neon, stop by and say hello. Good Luck
  9. Thanks for the report. I'll keep that spot in my head for future reference.

    Report what you want and ignore some of the bad comments. It takes all kinds and some people just feel the need to pounce on easy prey on this board. Heaven forbid you even hint at mentioning an unmentionable steelhead location.

    Steel cranium, no disrespect & I've learned a thing or two from some of your posts----but I get tired of the higher than though attitude of many of the trout chasers on here. Public waters are a public resource. If a report helps put an angler on fish they are more likley to fish in the future..... buy a tackle....contribute to discussions here.... and help support the sportfishing comunity in general. SO, in a round a bout way, these helpfull reports that you and others feel are a threat to preserving a hole are actualy supporting your favorite "put and take" fishery.

    I realize there are bad fishermen who do careless and unethical things, but prefer to live with a positive attitude and view of people. you know the whole inocent till proven guilty american way of life.
  10. If my dozen or so steelhead trips this season (Sept thru now) categorizes me as a "higher than though trout chaser", than I guess I'm guilty as charged. Actually, the recent crowding, private property posting, and abundant littering has caused me to lose interest in the fishery.

    I didn't mean to "pounce on the opportunity", just wanted to provide a different view of posting a somewhat unknown area. Posting of lightly-used public areas provides some of what I found on Sunday - two bags of beer cans, bait containers, eagle-claw hook packs, and severed fish heads.

    I don't know the original poster, but some will boast about a great catch at <fill in the blank>, then later comment on how its so crowded and "not like it used to be".

    "Public waters are a public resource". I agree, but there are quite a few cases where the increase of people and litter has closed these public areas - not just steelhead streams. The entire stretch of the grand river from rte 20 to past the pipe bridge was a public resource, now posted no trespassing. Same with a few prime shore fishing spots that I used to frequent over 20 years ago in the portage lakes area. Leighton's boat house used to allow shore fishing on east reservoir. Now, parking thru that stretch is not allowed as is shore fishing in most of that shoreline.
  11. "The entire stretch of the grand river from rte 20 to past the pipe bridge was a public resource, now posted no trespassing".

    That area is a big brownfields construction site~~~partialy a superfund site. I presume Liability and public safety were the main reasons for it becoming posted. Research diamond shamrock or lakeview bluffs. I believe IMG is the company building the resort.

    However, I do agree with you to a large extent on the litter and trash. I just generaly dislike the all to frequent slam replies to posts giving usefull information. They leave a bad taste for a site set up to help people enjoy fishing our natural resources and the outdoors.
  12. Boss, not trying to stir the pot; but as a steelhead fisherman I don't like to be stereotyped in that way.
    Literally 2 hours after your post, here is Steel Cranium helping a would-be steelhead angler.
    In no way does he have the attitude that you speak of. Most of us love to help each other, online and on the river. But we don't around telling where honey holes are because there are some idiots out there that don't appreciate our sacred great lake tribs.
    All I seen was a seasoned veteran trying to let a possibly naive new poster know of the lurkers. Whether he chooses to keep posting in that manner is his own choice.
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    I hope that the folks that went to the spillway catch fish or two and having fun and not acting like juveniles. It isn't an easy place to fish. To me fishing is not a competitive sport like Bass Tourney guys make it out to be. Anyone that fishes and doesn't see it as it is suposed to be "A RELAXING TIME OUT" is not a fishermen in my book. Anyone that can't carry out what they carry in puts a bad name on all fishermen.

    I am going to try below the ripples across from the old Red Barn / Car wash on Manchester road next. I've done really good there a couple times but don't tell anyone because it is small spot.
  14. Yeah, Sorry for "being fisher-racist" in my first reply.

    It's just that many of the how dare ye post specifics replys come from steelhead chasing folks. Interestingly I've seen few if any such posts from those targeting/reporting on stream smallie fishing specifics, or the river walleye or white bass guys.

    I didn't say that Steel Cranium wasn't well meaning or helpfull. His reply just hit a nerve for me today. Sorry for using language that hit a nerve for you as well.

    OH, and the possibly naive newbe has been on here longer than Steel cranium, myself, and you.......................

    Have an ASH T BU tafull day ;-)
  15. I stopped by the spillway today to see how everyone was doing. Nobody was there. Go figure. So I decided to give it a shot. I caught some real nice bluegill on big minnows. Riverman, I gave a bunch of them to your sons friend. No walleye hookups, but had a good time with the big bluegill. Good luck
  16. Haha thanks you too. Oh and I thought I seen a single digit posts number :) . Have a GRANDriver day!
  17. If I had to choose sides in this debate I would lean more towards Steel Cranium and devildog#1, simply because far to often individuals do not protect the environment in which they seek to enjoy. For me there is nothing worst than the trash that so-called outdoorsmen leave behind at a once reputable fishing spot, then wonder why the fishing has slowed.

    One of the reasons that I value this website so is because of the information that is shared between its members, but I also believe general info should be enough. Now if someone sends you a private message, it's at your discretion whether you reveal more, in that case I probably would.

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm willing to miss out on a few fish to keep prime spots pristine. Because I feel I'll always have at least one secret honey hole.
  18. Folks, the spillway at Nimi is by no means a secret spot. Everyone that fishes the lake, knows about it. As for the trash, it is everywhere around the lake. I carry a bucket with me to pick it up. I also went last month to Nimi for a trash pickup. The place is full already. I dont think it has anything to do a fishing report causing it.

    This is a sensitive subject for me. I carry a bucket of trash off this lake almost every day. I may beat the next guy I see leaving his crap behind.
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    Carry it in - Carry it out - No excuses!

    I was canoeing once and was admiring the beautiful rock cliff when I heard a car door and then 2 trash bags came over the top! It was an 80 ft high cliff and all I could do was yell at the ...... We didn't have much room but carried them down to a place where I could get up to road and set them. Hoping the police found them and found an address to talk to the guy!
  20. Unfortunately, it's a lifestyle. Some folks believe that the best way to get rid of trash is dump if somewhere remote. The guys that do the vermilion river cleanup pull quite a few large appliances out of there each year.

    Nimisila is one of the trashiest areas that I visit. Even a few weeks after a cleanup, there was a lot of litter around. I guess the dumpsters at the parking lots are too far away.