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    I took my 3yo daughter to Nimi Saturday so she could practice winging her texas rigged worm against the back of dad's head.
    As I pulled into the parking lot a guy working on his boat trailer heaved his old trailer bunks and other trash into the woods at the Main St launch ramp. I thought where's a cop when you need one.
    Got the boat ready and put her life jacket on and in comes a park ranger!
    He gave Lily a junior ranger badge for having her preserver on and then drives over to the ramp and parks. He talks to some guys loading their boat and then he goes to talk to the guy working on his trailer.
    I heard him asking about the old bunks and other stuff in the woods behind him and the guy says he was "just storing them there till he left!!!"
    Yea right. Just storing your trash that you just heaved 30' back in the woods.
    The ranger told him he'd appreciate it if he stored his trash in the back of his truck and stood there while the guy walked back into the weeds and retrieved his trash. The guy wasn't too happy and left as soon as the ranger left.
    I launched and there was two other trash bags and an old paint can some worthless $*@ tossed into the parking lot by the ramp.
    It was good to see the ranger out there, paying attention and keeping trash from trashing our state lakes.
    Didn't catch anything. Marked alot of fish in the 12-15 fow off the Main St ramp as we went out to where the weedbed used to be in the middle of the lake. That lake has really changed! I haven't been to Nimi much the last few years as I spend most of my time at West Branch. The weeds are there but different. Now it's mostly lilypads and the long filament-like algae stuff. The water looked like West Branch instead of the super clear Nimi that I remember. 12' holes are now 2' holes.
    Going to start spending more time there as it's only 10 miles away instead of 40 miles away. Plus it's a decent walleye and channel lake.
  2. Lewzer... You have a good point about the 10 miles compared to the 40...West Branch if fishing pretty tough right now ...catching some fish but have to work hard for them...My 10 year granddaughter wants to go out with me ...but right now too tough know how impatient kids can get when they are fishing and not catching....Good luck at nimmi...
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  3. I fished there Sunday from the canoe. A couple observations:

    Trash is bad. We put in at the little beach area around the campground entrance. Lots of discarded stuff - enough to easily fill a bag, including a lot of tangled line.

    The law made themselves visible. Saw the DOW truck checking folks out. Even drove down the access road to the end of the point by the campground.

    Lots of folks feeling the pinch of high gas prices. I have never witnessed nimi this crowded with boats. Mostly nice bass boats with big motors (not being used, of course). Some bigger ones that would be at home on Erie.

    Campground canoe rental folks let some kids out on their canoes with some heavy thunderstorms in the area. Was surprised to see them heading out as we were rushing to get in before the rain. Made a stop in Barberton during the storm due to the rain/hail. So much water left in the road that I could have canoed it.

    Fishing wasn't that productive. Caught a few short bass from dropoffs off points on tube jigs. Found some very nice bass in a shallow weedbed near windblown depth, but had trouble connecting with the frog (bad angle from the low canoe position, hookup too soon???).
  4. I was there last weekend and did pretty well with buzzbaits and a soft plastic crappie slider. Between downpoors I managed about ten bass, two crappie and a big warmouth. Found some great spots that i had not previously explored. I agree with the comment about boat traffic. I have never seen so many boats. Most left after the second bit of rain. And that is when everything picked up. All fish went back, nothing to brag about for sure ,but it was fun.

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    All those bass boats with big motors are probably in a tournament. There was one last Sunday and there might have been another yesterday.
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    I keep hearing that the "nimi" is a decent walleye lake, but so far I have not heard any reports of catches. You are right, the lake has changed alot, used to literally kill the crappie there, but now some of the deeper holes are not deep anymore. I seems to me the the DOW are really not managing the local lakes around akron anymore, or they are being fished out. Mogodore is a big case in point. Where are the giant redears? Portage lakes has the same problem with large redears
  7. I agree. They have stocked it with walleye for over 20 years, but would be hard pressed to get a limit. All 'eyes that I have caught were when fishing for something else. I believe that nimisila and long lake have the same issue that works against walleye stocking - a spillway that doesn't keep the walleyes from leaving when the water levels are high. Long lake was stocked with walleyes over 20 years ago, but most seemed to show up in the river below the lake after higher water events and/or long periods of time when the dam was left open (at long, not possible at nimisila). Those stockings have been discontinued for over ten years.
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    There are a couple specific patterns for the Nimi walleyes and three specific places that I know of. Now it's been a couple of years since I targeted them at Nimi so I'll have to see if the old ways still hold true.
    Nimi walleyes averaged about 23" for me.
  9. My buddy and I caught some nice largemouth deep in the lilly pads near the campgrounds Sunday morning. We were throwing frogs and having a blast.
  10. To Lewzer's original post about the rangers in the area:

    I think Nimi is one of the best lakes for reliable rangers. I was out there about three weeks ago fishing from the main street shore and there were people fishing from inside the fences by the oil wells. Sure enough, the ranger came and removed them. The dude was dedicated too. He couldn't find the hole the second group of people went through, so he pulled his truck up to the fence, climbed on the hood, and jumped the fence. On the way back through, he made the group show him where they came through. It was pretty comical, but also nice to see the rules being enforced. The same people who break those rules are the ones who live their crap lying all over the place.
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    OK have a question. I see that you can only run electric motor in nimi right? So is it still ok to go there if ya have a gas engine on the back as long as you dont use it?

    Thanks for any info!
  12. Yes, you are allowed to have a gas motor on the boat.