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  1. I have been fishing Nimi for the past week. I have been doing really well on the large mouth(largest 3lb 3oz). I have been catching these on Husky seems to be working the best. I am still snagging a bunch of shad, but the bass are mixed in with them. Yesterday I decided to try for crappie, with minnows near fallen trees. 1 bite all day. it was an 18 inch Northern Pike. I have fished this lake for many years, and never caught one there. That is not very big for a Pike, but I was still amazed to catch it. I just knew it was the state record crappie when I set the hook. I put a tape measure to him real quick and got him back in the water. Has anyone else caught one there?
  2. About 25 years ago a friend of my father caught a BIG pike out there. Mid 30 inch range, if I remember correctly. He was casting for bass on the west side toward the southern end of the lake and decided to fish the other side. He left is lure in the water and was trolling across and out toward the middle, near one of the humps, the pike struck.

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    We caught 3 bass yesterday and one today. all keepers. One 2 lb'er and the rest dinks.( just over 12in and skinnie) all shallow in the waves jerk baits. Can't wait till they really turn on good. Saw very few on sonar anywhere. They must all be down at the singles bar getting ready for the spawn.
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  4. well.... i guess we'll just have to go have a few;)
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    I too got my 1st pike this week. About 20'' long just plain ugly.
    As for the bass, 13-15 a day for 3 days in a row all on jig-n-pig.
    biggest landed went 3.3lb with alot of 2lb+ fish.
    Jerkbait bite slowed so I slowed down too.
    Water temp is up to 54-55 at 1pm, started out at 6am in the 51-52
    range. Weed edges and rock seem to be the best spots but a few
    fish did come off points with weeds, always on the down wind side
    in 5-8 fow. Jig color is always up to you but I found a small profile
    3/8oz. will get you more bites.
  6. Hmmm two small pike in one week. Does anyone know if there
    stocking nimi with pike again. I know at one time Eddies bait
    had a sign up to bring back pike to nimi.
  7. Got one new years day of 07 bout 18". Talked to eddie for the first time after that and that ole' coot says he put all those pike in there that odnr does'nt do a d@#n thing out there. I laughed the whole time i talked to him. What a riot he is.