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Nimi help?

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by hardwaterfan, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    Hey gang, if someone wanted to try this lake out for the first time, where you would you tell him to go and what would you tell him to target?

    Please, no secret spots or honey, really....i couldnt....stop it.... :D :p

    Seriously, id like to try the lake out.....where are the "community" areas? (to get me started)

  2. To tell the truth there are better fishing holes than Nimi. Nimi is an excellent bass res but the panfish generally run small. You can catch crappies but they usually max out around 8-10. Some are bigger but most smaller. You might pop some good sized perch on occasion. Forget any big gills. It does have fair eye pops but you'll do better at Mosquito for eyes and crappies. I fish Mosquito, WB, and Berlin, but the ice isn't there yet so I decided to try the coves/protected water just to get out of the house. I first went to OSP which is closed but I figured I would park at the beverage store and access the channel from the bridge, then walk to OSP from there. However, the ice around the shorelines was just to iffy cause the warm spell we had last week toasted up the ground some. This was after I scoped out Mog early this morning which was just an afterthought when I finished breakfast at the diner and I didn't have my gear with me.
    After checking out OSP, I went to the north end of Mud Lk. There is a good cove that runs up into the golf course. Everything is private and posted, even the drive, but I figured I'd have nothing to lose by asking permission to park and fish. I drove back there but the story was the same, iffy shoreline ice, so I didn't bother. Then I went to Nimi and tried it then changed my mind when the ice started protesting under my big, ol', girth.
    If you want to fish Nimi your best bet is the coves for panfish. Also, try working the points with the gas tanks on them around the center of the res/just downstream from center, especially the ones with the tanks that are on the longer, narrower points as these generally drop closer to deeper water/original river channel. You might pickup crappies and/or eyes there. That big bay just west of the campground can be a good crappie night bite spot. It's been many years since I fished it though and I suspect the crappie pops may not be what they once were, especially bigger fish. There can be some decent action at the Portage lakes, as well as Nesmith and Nimi but numbers of big fish is generally a long shot. Same with Mog. Your best bet for numbers of slabs is WB, Mosquito, and Berlin, in that order. The fish are there but lots of luck finding them, especially at WB and Berlin. Mosquito is much larger than both of them but also has more fishers/community holes which can help to narrow down the search some. When there is little or no weeds such as at Mosquito, WB, and Berlin, then focus on the points, channel drops, and the necked down areas and mouths of feeder arms. This is a general overview of the areas I look for when I fish the larger res's that have scant or no weed growth. Of course if you find submerged wood/brush, then give it a shot. It's always worth a try. Mosquito and WB are both full of wood, not so much wood at Berlin.
    No matter where you go, just remember two things. Keep cuttin' until you start marking fish and if you don't have a Vexilar or a Marcum flasher then get one as they are indispensable. I don't fish without my Vex.
  3. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    Guys, I certainly appreciate the advice! I have a game plan now. Report to follow....hopefully sooner rather than later....
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