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nimi cats

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by norfhill, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. been fishn nimisila lately and haven on and off luck on the cats their can someone give me some good advice on a good spot and bait to try any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. hey, check out my post on shorefishing Nimisila, I was using nightcrawlers on a 2/0 hook with a hefty sinker so I could get it out there a quarter mile. Good luck if you go, and let us all know how big they are.

  3. I know guys who use cut bluegill, shrimp, dip baits, shiners, worms, and just about everything else.
  4. I'm waiting until I can get a boat out there, but I'm just curious, bigdaddy, how big have u seen the catfish at nimisila? Nothing like haulin in a catfish that feels like a log in the middle of a summer night hehe.
  5. Having been fishing for cats out there but I saw a huge flat head in the shallows earlier in season in a cove directly across from the reeds and Christman rd ramps. Its head had to been about 2 ft wide.
  6. My neighbor caught a 13 1/2 pound channel out there two weeks ago. I saw the fish. Plus several 7-8 pounders.

    Saw two guys in a boat Saturday catching small ones. Oh yeah, my neighbor was in a boat as well. He wouldn't tell me his spot though.
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    glad to see you post Norfhill. try some shrimp with garlic powder.
  8. try chicken hearts and gizzards. we used to fish out at the oil wells by the camping area. just hook a hole heart on and they eat it up.