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  1. man the fishing has really gone down hill there in the last couple years,its sad to see.caught 11 bass between 12-15in lost 5,and had two other big ones on with a break off.had to slow fish and everything was at daybreak.fished the north end.
  2. smallieguy

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    Had the same kind of day.
    I think it the fishing pressure. I've been seeing a lot of
    boats out there this year. Looks like $4 a gallon is keeping people
    close to home.

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    are you bragging or complaining? If you are bragging I am inviting you to go out with me on my boat and teach this old salt how to fish.
  4. im complaining lol i used to have 50 to 60 bass days out there quite often.....not anymore.too much pressure and way too much catch and keep.seeing it with the crappies,catfish,and walleyes on the lake.well the walleyes are caught out and there isnt a bluegill population in there cuz of everyone catching and keeping.there was great bass fishing in there,not much anymore.and the weeds dying out doesnt help much at all either.
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    Complaining all the way,lol . I too have memories of 25 fish before lunch on
    a saturday morn. But this year has been different since the water got
    into the 50's and 60's. My best day so far came when it was 43 degrees
    and steady for a few days. I got 34 bass in 5 hours. Since 52-54 degrees
    my best day has been 17 in 5 hours. And I got a bigger average in colder
    water. I changed my techniques according to water temp and fish modes
    as everyone don't but what I couldn't change was the amount of boat I
    was seeing on any given day. As I said, it looks like the cost of gas is
    causing people to rethink their fishing spots and the local pond are
    getting hit a little harder then in times before. And I must say if that is
    the case, I don't blame anyone a bit.