nimh battery question.

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by freyedknot, May 30, 2008.

  1. freyedknot

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    i use nimh batteries in my camera. and they seem to go dead while sitting around waiting to be used? they are not old and have 2600 mah?
  2. Generally all types of batteries experience a voltage drop after sitting. How long do they sit around?

    Also, once NiCad and NiMH cells become aged, they don't charge to full capacity and develop memory problems.

    I would suggest charging them a day or two before use and not letting them sit any longer than that. If they are dying after only two days of being charged from just sitting around, then it would be time for a new pack.

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    NiMH DO NOT develop memory problems.

    Van, that's the major complaint about NiMH. They just do not store well.
    Good news is they will give you more cycles than a NiCad and you can charge them at any time. Proper charging of Nicads requires you discharge them totally before charging again.
  4. They do develop memory problems, just not to the extent of NiCad cells:

    Just to clear things up there are different interpretations of what 'memory effects' can mean. I was referring to anything that can cause the battery not to perform at its full capacity.

    Either way, you are just suffering from a usual voltage drop that occurs when leaving any type of cell sit. Just charge them a few days before you use it and you should be getting almost full capacity, if not then you will need a new pack. Make sure you are charging them long enough, the typical "plug-in-the-wall" charger charges very slow.
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    well i keep them for the camera ,and they sit for a month at times . i guess i will have to charge them when i need them , thanx, at least i know they are still good.