Niles Sportsman Show

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by boneheadbassboy, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Isn't Niles having a Sportsman"s show this coming weekend?

  2. Riverman

    Riverman Banned

    It should be a great show again.

    Hope to see you there.

    10% off if you mention OGF at our booth.
  3. Sounds good riverman, see you there. Do they still sell the twister tails in bulk at the show?
  4. Riverman

    Riverman Banned


    Don't know if the guy that sells them by the pound will be there or not. I still have a couple pounds from 3 years ago!

    I'll be coming home early from the show Friday and letting my son Jon & his gal Tara run things Friday and Saturday. I will probably be there to do the tear down on Sunday.

    I'm considering giving a seminar at the show on Sunday if they have a projector and I get a slide show put together.
  5. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    The guy with all the plastics is set up at the show.If anyone is looking for Pin Mins & Ants, O'le Petes purple hair jigs in assorted colors-spoons-perch rigs-Nitro baits(Vibes)-tube caddies & spoon caddies. I'll have plenty there along with a ton of other stuff.I got an 8 foot banner made, now you can't miss me.I'll be in booth 311 across from the snack bar and bathrooms.From the looks of all the different vendors, there will be something for everyone in all areas of fishing, boating and charters........Mark
  6. JFeeds

    JFeeds too close for missiles...

    I'm heading out there shortly. Anything in particular I should check out while there?
  7. You do know you posted to a thread from 2 years ago? Hope the show is this weekend.
  8. JimmyC

    JimmyC RoAd TApe

    Jim the show sucks bad this year.....might find a couple good baits if your lucky. I cant believe this. This show seems to degrade a little more every year. They dont even have the grizzly chew guys there this year. Damn it I figured i would get my $6 worth with some chew...haha
  9. JFeeds

    JFeeds too close for missiles...

    didnt notice, but it was this weekend so it didnt matter

    it was ok. nothing great, but there were a few nice stands to check out
  10. qpan13

    qpan13 Monster Hunter


    Ya I got a few great deals on some things. Not what I expected though.
  11. I ordered a new crestliner from there today:)
  12. I bought some new jigs up there yesterday called mini wigglers, i think thats what they are called. But they have a unique, flat but angled jighead on them with a 1" twister tail and the guy that was selling them i believe runs a bait shop on pymatuning by the causeway. Really nice guy. I was wondering if anyone has heard of these before and tried them out?
  13. bigmac27, i saw those too, they had a little tank that you could try them out in and the had pretty good action.

    Here is an underwater vid of the trout pond. i took some others but the came out bad.

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  14. Show wasent all that good. Not what i expected
  15. I'm in agreement with the majority of others who posted. I was also very disappointed with the show again this year. I did buy a big bag of plastic worms at that stand but that was about the only bait that I could find that I fish with. They had a lot of weird looking baits that looked like they came out of a creepy crawler machine. Not saying they don't work I just don't fish with them and was disappointed there were no twistertails.
  16. leadcorebean

    leadcorebean Charter Captain

    the show was a complete WOM!!!!! it would be nice to get a decent show in the area for once
  17. sylvan 17

    sylvan 17 "I'll get the net"

    The show wasn't that good,but I had a custom set of decals made for my boat by sickboy graphics of youngstown ohio for $20. The same thing online at other places on the net cost over $100. They will design anything you can dream up.
  18. Very disappointed, spent more of my money at Dicks and Gander next door, although I picked up a nice Quantum triax reel for $23. Ohio has no good fishing shows anymore, going to stick to Bass Pro and Cabelas, and the fishing show in Novi, Mi, oh yea, and the ice fishing show in Minn or NY.

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