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  1. I was wondering if anyone new of any spots near Brunswick were it is ok to nightfish? thanks
  2. Maybe Spencer, Wellington, or Findley.

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    I live in brunswick. Try hinckley or ledge lake. Both channel cats and bass can be caught there. medina lake off of rt. 18. is a good bet too. Hope this helps!
  4. Not sure about Hinckley or Ledge Lakes. I'd second Spencer and the upland reservoir at Wellington. Not the south reservoir. Never had any luck at Findley. Medina Lake closes at dark.
  5. I'm from brunswick and I usually go to ledge or hinckley. Although the parks close at 11, the rangers usually don't bother you if you're fishing. If they say anything all you usually have to do is tell them that you need to fish at night to catch catfish and they will be ok with it. also you can check out wallace lake in berea, spencer is good too but a little more of a drive for me. I'm thinking of trying Brunswick lake soon. You can park right there at giant eagle and I can't see anyone kicking you out of there, just not sure if there are many cats in there or not. If I get lazy enough I could probably fish there from my car, lol.
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    Does Wellington upground still require you to be out of there by 10:00? I know they did this for a few years after 9/11, I just don't know if its still enforced.
  7. I have no idea. I've only been there a couple times and it was during the day.