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    My neighbors have to be wondering what I am doing 11 at night with a flashlight creeping around all over my yard.
    I know there only a couple of bucks but just for craps and giggles I went nightcrawler huntin.
    Forgot how fast them things can be. I remember years ago they had a rod you could buy and jam into the ground and throw a ton of juice into the earth, the worms shot to the surface and if you werent careful you would to.. LOL
    Curious if anyone still does that.
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    When I hear about the electric rod thing I remember the movie "SGUIRM". Killer nightcrawlers. Anyone else ever see this movie? It is really old.

    I never tried the electric but there was this stuff that you mixed with water and poured it in the ground and they would come out very fast. Can't remember what it was but I think I got it at wal-mart. This was several years ago.

  3. I still get my worms that way. I wouldnt call them crawlers cuz they aint that big. Just hose your lawn and wait and they will come out later. Try looking for the ones who are mating. You will usually get two with one pull. It does suck when they break on you though.:D

    Its a great way to get bait when you decide at the last minute to go fishing and the bait shops are closed.
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    Quote: Its a great way to get bait when you decide at the last minute to go fishing and the bait shops are closed can keep a fridge in the basement/garage with both worms and minnows and be ready 24/ I do!!:D
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    oh yea, ill pick a few after work (3pm till 11pm) if i feel like catfishing out at mosquitos causeway that night. im suprised that nobody has remarked how tough it is on the old back catching those critters.:p after about 10 minutes of bending down i usually end up on my hands and knees:p
  6. I have used the Electricity method. My Dad had an extension cord rigged with a switch and alligator clips and two HUGE screwdrivers. Place the screwdrivers a few feet apart, Clip one side of the cord to each driver then stand back and hit the switch for a few seconds. Turn the juice off and grab the worms. Worked like a champ as long as the breaker held and you didn't jump the gun and touch the ground before the juice was off.

    Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Must be a certified idiot or electrician for this to be done "safely". Use at your own risk.

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    it's called dishwashing soap;)
    anu old liquid dishwashing soap works.brings them out within minutes.


    I Was Out Saturday Night For About 15 Minutes And Caught About 2 Dozen. This Was The First Time I Have Done This In About 10 Years. They Are A Lot Faster Than I Remember. The Only Bad Thing My Wife Threw Them Out Before I Got To Use Them, When She Found The Worms In Her Tupperware Container In The Fridge.
  9. I was nearly arrested twice for picking nightcrawlers in the Cleveland metroparks -- once in the big creek reservation (Parma, snow road) and once in Berea (wallace lake). Both times, I was let go with a warning (and kept what I caught) but was told that "nothing can be removed from the park unless governed by state laws", which includes fish but not worms. The same goes for wild plants and river rock, which can't be removed as well.

    Quite a suprise to be catching worms one minute and under a spotlight the next. Softball fields are a good place to look as well.
  10. Leisure Time golf course was my "sneak in" nightcrawler hunting ground and occasional bluegill spot years ago, back when mischief was just that and not a federal offense ;) . Had a 3 foot zebco rod and reel and a little plastic storage box with hooks and bobbers that fit my back pocket. Hauled some HUGE gills in from the water hazards and ponds. I now realize the immorality of it, and have reformed about trespassing.

  11. Never even thought about catching my own worms but Im going to keep that in mind when we get some serious rains again. The parking lot at work FILLS with worms after hard rains. After a few hours of them being out the smell is HORRIBLE... Spring is the worst. It's almost untolerable.
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    LOL, and I thought I was being evil when we snuck in at silver springs and enjoyed the gill from there collection..LOL
  13. When i was a kid back in the 60's, i would pick them buy the hundreds and sell them to an old guy that ran a bait shop by the Illinois river. I got $.01 a piece and usually sold them a 1000 at a time. Boy, them were the days. That brought back some good memorys of fishing with my dad. Thanks for the post.
  14. the use of a flash with red cellafine witch you can get at any craft place wrap cel around flashlite the red light stunds them and they cant see you can pick them very easy but watering yard helps me and my boys used to do that all the time now thier all growed up and dont have time boy its hell to get old hol :(
  15. I do it pretty infrequently any more. At the apartment complex I used to live in they would come out by the hundreds after a rainy night. I would put on my headlamp and switch it over to the red light and get as many as I wanted. When I was a kid we used to hit the golf course at night after the watered the greens. Used to get some monsters on that golf course.

  16. My grandfather, who taught me how to fish, showed me a trick many years ago. Mix a couple spoonfulls of dry mustard in a jar of water. Put a couple spoonfuls directly into a crawlers hole. They will come flying out of there. Must be extremely iritating to them. I have done this many times- never fails.

  17. They actually still have the electric rod for sale. Only thing about those though is that they injured a lot of the crawlers or weaken them, didn't hold up to well on erie dearies and harnesses. Certain golf courses are great places to pick 'em, but some use a type of fertilizer that also weakens the crawlers.