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    Night Vision Scope NV Piezo
    Great for night fishing. Seeing those guys on shore while night trolling or other boats. This unit operates with out batteries, so you never have to worry about the batteries going dead. i bought it 2 years ago and have used it 3 or 4 times.
    Night Vision Scope NV Piezo. The use of a built-in piezoelectric transducer as a power source is a peculiarity of this night viewer that allows the viewer operation without ordinary galvanic batteries.

    Additional notes:
    A very unusual design, this does not require batteries, but uses a piezoelectric crystal to develop the voltage for the image intensifier. A few pushes on the top lever will get a good image, and as it starts to fade, another push will bring it back. There is no other power supply, so this does not have an infrared illuminator. Because of the pocket size, light weight, and no need for batteries, this is ideal for work in wilderness and survival conditions.

    Night Vision Scope NV Piezo Specifications:
    Magnification: 2.5x
    Lens: 1.6/60
    Angle of view, deg.: 16
    Resolution (maximum), ang. sec.: 130
    Eyepiece adjustment, dptr: ±4
    Distance of identification of a man's figure at starlight sky (5x10-3lx), m: 150
    Supply voltage, V: 3.0 - 2.5
    Dimensions, mm: 160x50x80
    Weight, kg: 0.5
    This unit sells for $170.00 plus shipping
    I will take $125.00 cash or paypal.
    Located in Lewis Center, Ohio

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