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  1. I have a 12 ft boat and I was wondering about the type of lighting that I am required to have to night fish. Do I just need a lantern or do I need to rig the boat up for electrical lights?
    Also, how late can you stay out on lakes at night? :confused:
  2. u need ancor and running lights if u need a cheep light to fish by go to wallmsrt and buy a 12 volt rv light bulb $1.57 or so pluse a heat lamp with clamp puts out as much light as a lantern with ot burning every thing up

  3. I have a 12 1/2 foot boat and was told that I had to have the regulation red, green, white bow light as well as the 360 degree white stern light. These must be turned on at dawn and dusk. These times change everyday so check your newspaper. This is one of the regs that they take real serious.
    Kinda like pfd's and license. If your on a busy res after dark without them they're liable to get real po'ed not to mention you could get run over. Me and Ruminator were at WB earlier this season one night and it got so foggy it was nearly impossible to see out of the boat in some areas. An anchored boat without lights in those conditions could easily get run over.
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    Most lakes you can stay out all night. You can buy the cheap flashlight that c-clamps to your bow for the red/ green bow light. Same for the transom in a white light.
  5. We fish out of a 14 ft. Lowe, and we use a standard red/green bow light with alligator clips to hook up the the trolling battery. The cheapo walmart clamp on light broke after a week. For a stern light we rigged up a flouresant work lamp onto a pole, again with alligator clips. They sell them at Marc's for $5, and the give off a fair amount of light for night fishing. It may look cheesy but who cares its fishing!
  6. Doesn't make a lot of sense to be on the water at night without the best lighting you can get. A low cost, failure prone lighting system could cost you your life. My suggestion would be to put a quality set of lights on your boat that are powered from a wet or gel cell storage battery.
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    Wal-mart has the red/green clamp on light. It's like a flashlight. They also have the stearn light that is the same style. Cost about 11 bucks each. Definately need them at night especially if you go to an unlimited HP lake. That little boat will flip if a wake gets you. Plus you don't need a 70mph bass boat redesigning your dental work. A good set would be best, but the wal-mart alternative is adequate if you take care of them. I also have a spotlight on my boat attached to the battery in case I need to see. (Actually I only use it to light up my buddy while he is trying to take a pee. :p )

    Bottomline, it's all about safety.

  8. I never take my lights on electric only. Is this allowed? It would seem to be fine since you can't get run over.
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    On a state body of water. it is required. Not enforced so much, but it is required.