Night Fishing Eastwood Metro 10pm-3am 8/11/07

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ajangsta04, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Just got back from night fishing with my 2 brothers. caught some good fish for the 5 hours we were out there.

    2 lmb 16'' and 10''
    1 smb 10''
    1 bluegill or sunfish (i really dont know) 6''
    1 carp 23''

    it was pretty crowded there tonight but managed to do pretty decent.
  2. also fished the mad river thats behind eastwood today....the smallies were hitting nonstop.

    if you don't mind getting wet, wear water shoes and shorts and wade near the fallen trees.

    4 smb in 30-45 min

    using a small rapala shad lure. green/orange/black
    medium reel

    sizes ranged from 7inches to 13inches
    no trout tho.

  3. xmatthewx


    i've been night fishing out at eastwood the past couple nights. using a 3/8oz. bitsy bug flippin' jig with a pumpkin see color crawfish trailer, catching decent largemouth... no luck on topwater out there at night yet. hopefully soon though.
  4. yea i too haven't had much luck with top water lures. i use the rapala f5 orange/green/black