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    I've heard alot of talk recently about fishin at night for crappie and saugeye.i would really like to give this a try but to be honest i don't know how to approach it. the only night fishin i've ever done has been for cats and thats not to hard to figure out bait up throw out and wait. should i use a glow stick on my bobber(for crappie) or use my lanterns.i'll be fishing out of my boat so i don't know if that will make a difference or not. do i approach it the same way as if i were going out in the day or not? should i try and fish stick ups and other cover or do they move out in the deepths? any advice on approaching either species would be great. I'm hoping to hit the water at about 7 friday night (alum). thanks in advance.;)
  2. Just curious what sort of talk you been hearing? I'd try trolling the shallow flats with a shad rap (~2-10 fow). Night fishin for eyes in the summer is not nearly as productive as in the cold water months when oxygen levels are up and forage is on the decline.

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    i have had good luck night fishing for crappies but keep in mind i usually fish a very small res. i do use a slip float with a minnow and a glow stick on my bobber. i play with the depth until i find the fish.i make long casts and slowly retrieve my bait. im sure this same technique would work with small lures also i have just never tried it.
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    the only thing i've heard is that they have been catching bigger fish at night at alum but not neccasarilly big numbers. plus getting out at night gives me a chance to get my wife out with me, i don't mind the heat but she gets to hot and wants to swim, i'd rather be wetting a line. maybe i should just go in the day because every time she goes with me she skunks me!
  5. I like fishing anytime that I can but I prefer fishing at night. The night time is the right time. Most of my best fish have come at night, especially Channel Catfish, Shovelheads, Walleye, and Crappie. I tend to fish at night the most and early morning the second most.
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    tightliner is there any special technique you use at night rather than in the day. i've also had killer luck at night for catfish but have never really tried to crappie fish at night. any special rig or bait. someone also told me to use lanterns to attract bait fish and the crappie will follow, again i've never tried it so i dont know how it would work. just wondering if anyone has any specifics on the subject. should i stick with minnows and a float or try to jig em up?
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    We used to fish under a bridge and we would hang a lantern down from the bridge and fish around it. It worked quite well.:G :F
  8. I usually throw topwater at night for bass or jigs/jerkbaits for saugeyes.
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    When fishing for Walleye at night, I’ll cast a 1/8 ounce jig head with a 2 inch Chartreuse Twister Tail tipped with a minnow on the bottom bounced in the rocks.

    When fishing for Crappie at night, I’ll anchor down near good structure, hang a lantern over the side of the boat and fish a chartreuse pin-men tipped with small pieces of nightcrawler and weighted down with a couple split shots.

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    i went out friday night and tried some of the suggestions given to me. it was great we had an awsome time and we beat the heat. we boated over 75 crappie! most of which were around the 9 inch range. we did however get probably 20 to 30 over 10 inches and 2 were close to 13. threw them all back. after we ran out of minnies we tried verticle jiging for a while did alright but not as good as the live bait.