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  1. My wife is a school teacher and is on spring break this week. I wanted to show her what the jig bite was all about on Lake Erie, but things just haven't panned out for that yet. However, I did get her out to the local pond today for about 1.5 hours and she caught a nice 18"+ three pounder. Not to be out done I matched her fish with one of my own. She caught hers on an x-rap and mine came on a spinner bait. We each missed one to keep us humble. Too bad the jig bite hasn't developed yet. Next week she will be back in school. There's nothing like spending time fishing with your wife!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Man it must be nice to have spring break actually in spring. I am a teacher as well and we had snow during our spring break.


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    Both very impressive largemouths, most people would of reported those as being 6lbs :D Hats off to ya :)
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    hell, at first look they do look about 4-5 lbs. nice fish !:B
  5. Those are some really nice fish and a nice wife i cant even get my wife to go near a lake let alone fish, but as long as she let me we. we have no problem
  6. nice fish - too bad the jig bite did not work out for ya - enjoy the time together
  7. My wife and I went fishing at Erie last June with a girl I work with and her husband. Caught limit of waleyes in about two hours both days. This year my wife wants to go back for her birthday. What could I say, but absolutely.