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Nice to see!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rockbass, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I was fishing Clendening out of my boat on Sunday afternoon. My first time on this part of the lake with my boat. Well to leave out the little details, I was stopped by a wildlife officer. I was waiting for the can I see you liscense bit and the life jacket or extinguisher. I am new to boating so I though it was apparent, so I thought I would get the run down..... Well anywho, She asked me if I had a few seconds. I was like sure. Well she was doing a random surveyof fisherman. She asked about how long I was fishing that day and what I caught. How oftne I fish there and stuff like that. She also had a take home survey for me to fill out that elaborated a bit more on what she already asked. Did not have to give my name if I did not want to. She told me that another guy on the water that day caught a 29 1/2 inch saugeye. Just to let you saugeye fisherman know! ;)

    Well needless to say, I filled out the survey today and also typed a letter up and sent with it. The letter was to further mention things I think that need improved on for the lakes I fish. Such as limits and what not. Just thought I would share this. I am sure some of you have also had this happen. I am hoping that with my reply along with others, we can get some stuff changed for our waters.
  2. My experience with Wildlife Officers while fishing or boating has always been positive. :) Only had two bummers while hunting over a period of 40 years.