NICE to be back!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skeeter12, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Well, sorry its so late but been in hospital 3 times and spent New Years in Hospital. Had a triple bypass, then blood clot that went to the heart which caused a heart attack. As if that wasn't enough had to go back in with a lung half full of fluid. Darn glad to be here. So HAPPY NEW YEAR BELATED TO EACH OF YOU!
    Hope many of you are out there enjoying some fishing. I will miss ice fishing this year but should be ready for some good spring fishing. The best to each of you! Thanks to each of you for your prayers and concerns. That truly is the reason I am still here without a doubt.
    Keep those boats clean. lol Nels/Skeeter
  2. DaleM

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    Glad to see you back, and glad things are getting better. Take care and remember the nice weather will be here soon. Get stronger so you can enjoy this season healthy.

  3. Welcome back Skeeter!! And a very happy new year to ya!
  4. Hey Skeeter, good luck to you on your recovery.
    I know exactly how you feel, I had a heart valve repairp and a triple bypass on the 28th of December. I came home on New Years Day but had to go back Saturday overnite as my heart rate had increased and they had to change some meds to get it under control.
    Like you I'm really looking forward to the spring season so I can put this behind me and get back on the water.
    Good luck again and hopfully your recovery will go guick. CD
  5. Lundy

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    Hi Nels,

    I'm happy to hear you are doing better.

    Maybe next winter we can get out on Saginaw Bay together ice fishing again.

  6. K gonefishin

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    Welcome back Skeeter I've been watching WC on your progress glad to see you back in action. Funny I was just thinking on the way to work today that I need to order some product from you, my boat is at the dealer right now but after that I need to clean it before it sleeps for another 2 months. I'll be ordering in the next couple weeks.
  7. Welcome back. The Turtle Creek outing in April is known for its rehabilitative prowess. Are you going to be there?
  8. i had a bypass last may. glad you're back. my first fish back was a bass. wonder what your's will be?

    ps: good luck on those sneezes.
  9. Had My Bypass In Sept. Still Waiting For My First Fish . I Can Relate To Those Sneezes(ouch). Good Luck And Take It Easy.
  10. Great to see you're back and getting better Nels. Get the excersise they tell you to and you will get stronger for sure.
    God Bless.
  11. AND FARTS TOO.:eek: :eek: