Nice Smallies on Alum tonight!!

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  1. Wife said go fishing so i called buddy up who has been wanting to try to catch some smallmouth at Alum. We hit water about 6:00 p.m. Stopped at my hot spot from a week or so ago and right away got a 15" saugeye and couple cast later another about same size but a football,been gourging on the shad. Got couple small bass fished the drop-off side of the flat and hit some nice 10-11" crappies about 15 of them. Then moved to Humps north of Cheshire ramp. Got 2 keeper smalies on jigs and shad colored tails. One was a good fish about 15-16" long and fat. Buddy got it but tried to lift it in and off she went. Got into alot of schooling white bass,one school we got 6 before they went down all 14-15" fish. What a fight that was!! probably got 15-20 whities tonight was fun chasing the schools around! Almost dark saw a spot with some shad action we stopped,started throwing vibees and i got 2 smallies back to back almost twins took picture of one for you beautiful fish. I hooked 6 smallmouths and caught 4 of them all 13"to 16" in around ten cast. While buddy was stuck on bottom and retieing. He was not impressed.:D Also hit 2 largemouth that were 14-15" each. All in about half hour then was over. They all were caught on a chrome blue vibee burned under surface and paused everynow and then. They hit on pause as it fell or right as you restarted reeling and they Slammed it. Was fun watching them Launch to the moon. All fish were put back for another day!! Great evening out there!![​IMG]
  2. You are the man! Sounds like you had a great night of fishing. Congratulations, but from what I read about you, you always seem to put quite a few fish in the boat. And that wife of your's, letting you go all the time, how can you beat that??? Great job!:D

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    oh slim your killin me man!!
    i am still on call over here doooood
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    Nice work on the bass you old crappie man. A couple nice eyes to boot!

  5. Thanks guys it was a good time! Have not really gone out looking to catch bass in a while so it was good change of pace. Plus i knew throwing vibee would give me good chance of catching other fish as well.:) Will be interesting to see if bass stay as active this weekend with cooler temps and north winds again. Might wake up a few more Saugeyes though. That would be just fine with me!
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    sounds like a good day, i went out there earlier this summer, caught a lot of 8 to 10 inchers but that is it, i am still going for my first muskie though.
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    Nice fish.

    Micro we got some better fish than 8-10, there were a few 10.5 to 11inchers lol. We did well that day, what 13 total sm between the two of us fishing from the bank. Alums nice, would like to fish it more.]